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Size Guide

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Short Handle (SH)
Long Blade (LB)
Long Handle (LH)
4 Piece
6 Piece (+₹650)
12 Piece (+₹800)
Semi Concave
Laser engraving will take 1 day extra
Oiling (+₹250)
Ready To Play (+₹1,700)
Oiling & Knocking will require around 1-5 days extra depending upon the option you choose.
Fibre Tape
English Tape (+₹0)
Premium English Tape (+₹0)
Toe Threading (+₹0)
This will take 1 day extra, might add additional 10-12gm
This might add additional 8-10gm
2 Grips
5 Grips
8 Grips
10 Grips
20 Grips
God Grip (...)
Hex Dot (...)
Bracelet (...)
Dynamite (...)
Octopus (...)
Ring Chevron (...)
Extra grips will be packed separately
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Reviews (111)

111 reviews for The Elegant

  1. Saravana Krishnaswamy verified owner

    The bat was really really crafted with good balance and the ping is 🔥… Worth for the money..!
    And the most important thing is that their service it’s really great.

  2. Zisan Abedin verified owner

    Good value for money. Quality bat. Like it. Thanks.

  3. Sakshi Ghodekar, parbhani, Maharashtra verified owner

    A Very Big thanks to anglar sports…..
    My son has already 4bats SS,GM, SG, and Ton
    I was looking for customed bat.
    I ordered the elegant bat from you
    Well customised, time to time gives information about process of delivery…..
    And lastly when I get my order…..
    My son delightful soooooo much….
    Now anglar is his first choice
    Value for money……

  4. Yasir Arfat verified owner

    superb bat

  5. James R verified owner

    Great bat couldn’t be happier with its performance and at a reasonable price. Good communication when customising the bat for what I wanted also. Will be purchasing another.

  6. Prakash Rathore verified owner

    The best coustom bat forever

  7. Sujan verified owner

    I suggeste everyone to buy angler it is best coustom bat you will get for money

  8. Teveshan Govender verified owner

    From order to delivery in South Africa was about 2 weeks. Always kept informed on the process. Excellent service. The bat is amazing, pick up and balance. Definitely worth it. Will buy another soon

  9. Oliver verified owner

    Very nice bat, well balanced and a fair price. Solid communication throughout. Start to finish, 2.5weeks to Australia

  10. Sajeevan Angappan verified owner

    The bat is amazing!!!
    It is thoroughly knocked and ready to play!
    They adhered to my unique customization very well. The profile came out as expected.
    Well balanced as if it was hand selected 👌🏼
    Highly recommended for anyone doing an online purchase. Don’t have to worry inspecting it.

  11. Chaitanya kondbhar (csk) verified owner

    Quality bat, very comfortable for use .we purchase two bats in shorty so many boyes in our Academy given the order. Thanks to anglar they launch good bats in market

  12. Chaitanya kondbhar (csk) verified owner

    Anglar Bat its hungry bat for scoring (Runs) ,my first choice and my first century 131* runs Thanku so much Anglar.

  13. Himanshu sharma verified owner

    Its my 4th bat . N Very good balance,blade n quality 😍🤟👌and main thing its according to budget.

  14. Saravanan T verified owner

    This is my first English willow bat with Anglar. Earlier I’ve bought a kashmir willow bat which gave results more than our expectations. This bat also delivered as same as how I prescribed my specifications and I really love it….Bat feels as light as a feather and I’m looking forward for my first game in this ” Elegant Beast”.

  15. Manas verified owner

    Great product well balance just how I wanted.
    Keep it up guys.

  16. Asif verified owner

    The bat looks perfect, great balance, perfect weight, sounds good.Anglar is becoming my favourite brand..
    All the best guys..

  17. Balamurali verified owner

    I have purchased bat from my son and he is very happy and his coaches also liked the bat very much.

  18. A mathan verified owner

    Very nice product what a profile. Performance is very good.I am very happy.

  19. Vishwesh Patel verified owner

    Received bat. Looks nice. My son is very happy with bat.

  20. Sai sarath verified owner

    Amazing bat received by anglar bat i can feel sound its incredible.

  21. Illangomani verified owner

    Good bat. Will recommend to my teammates for sure.

  22. Ch dasaradha verified owner

    Nice bat.Loved it!

  23. Inderpreet singh verified owner

    I got beast bat from by team anglar.Thanks!

  24. Harjeet singh verified owner

    Bat bahut kamaal diye to sir bahut maza aa gaya khel ke.thank you very much.

  25. Vinoth verified owner

    I scored 52 in first match great bat.
    Thanks anglar.

  26. Farhan Akhtar verified owner

    Amazing bat received according to my requirements

  27. Ali Asger verified owner

    Amazing bat and performance is classical.

  28. Dheeraj bhagoria verified owner

    Nice bat and amazing service.
    Grip quality is very fine.

  29. Tijo thomas verified owner

    It looks so elegant. I am sure i will go soon for dark Edition

  30. Dileep kumar verified owner

    I loved the anglar bat bat pickup,weight and balance in unbelievable.I am very happy with bat and service too.

  31. Randeep Singh verified owner

    Bat grains is very good and clear and ping is very awesome.Worth it!!

  32. Digan Desai verified owner

    Thank you for the bat it’s amazing

  33. J jaishankar verified owner

    Bat balanced is too good.
    That bat seasoning person now make a call to me and he said, bat wood is too good and punches as well.everything is good.

  34. Viplav verified owner

    I am very happy with bat quality love the performance

  35. Kevin verified owner

    Handle quality is amazing feel flexible as i want

  36. Hussain verified owner

    Loved the balance and performance

  37. Thokchom kishan verified owner

    Nice bats thanks anglarsports

  38. Akash rana verified owner

    Lovely bats

  39. Mohamed Ashik verified owner

    Bat is really superbhh…
    I like feel super…
    Love it lot..

  40. Abul Hashem verified owner

    All Goods are very good. I love it.

  41. Abul Hashem verified owner

    Goods is very good. I love it.

  42. Parth Thakkar verified owner

    Ordered a customised bat similar to Sachin profile. Had to say the shape is perfect. Thank you

  43. Asim raza verified owner

    Wow looks great .You did good job 👍

  44. Ajilala andrew verified owner

    First impressions is very good in terms of willow quality

  45. Ajay mishra verified owner

    Maan gaye bhai jaisa quality aapka ground me logo ke paas dekha tha waisa hi mujhe bhi mila hai all the best👍

  46. A sharath chandra verified owner

    Good quality willow perfect balance,light pickup i am happy with this bat.

  47. Pradeep viramala verified owner

    Good bat with clear grains willow.

  48. Jaiveer sing juneja verified owner

    Good bat and balance is superb weight is also perfect

  49. Naveen chander verified owner

    I have ordered 4 bats all are just mind blowing

  50. Suresh S verified owner

    Good bat nice experience

  51. Jilani saikh verified owner

    Superb ping❤️

  52. Srikanth reddy verified owner

    Amazing quality willow.👍💪🏽

  53. Suresh Sinha verified owner

    ping is just incredible and weight is also balanced

  54. Akbar verified owner

    fabulous bat ❤️ dubai delivery is more faster than india they deliver me in hyd at 5 days but in abudhabi only 3 days.

  55. Chandra sekhar prasad gupta verified owner

    Thanks for marvelous bat
    Today first match with your bat he made 64 not

  56. Gopi verified owner

    Bat just received looks lite only good handle and grip is also looks premium

  57. Ron Michael verified owner

    Thanks for the beast bat this is gift from my wife bat profile looks too good and feels balanced from top to bottom

  58. Vikrant Ramdas Bangar verified owner

    Sir BAT achha mila 🙏

  59. M suresh verified owner

    Good afternoon
    I just received ur bat It’s nice
    Feel of it is awesome
    Thanks for sending seperately Antiscuff sheet and English tape along with bat

  60. Saarthak Aurora verified owner

    Received the bat. Looks very premium. The profile looks good. Thanks

  61. Theegala verified owner

    Your bat is amazing and i want to order more bats my son likes your bat so much.

  62. Raj Kumar verified owner

    I love the bat ❤️
    Amazing I never seen a bat like this before

  63. Saleha kasim verified owner

    I am from zambia but I ordered from my india address in Gujarat i didn’t listen about anglar but I ordered by seeing hus instagram account and give us very good bat specially profile

  64. Satish Shelke verified owner

    Thanks.. bats are good and that’s why I’ll recommend. I like the packing and presentation of Anglar.
    It is more professional and
    compliments your bat quality

  65. Tony Wilson verified owner

    I have received the bat and it is wonderful
    Superb balance

  66. R. Sai Santosh verified owner

    Elegant is Good Bro
    10 star Rating for Elegant
    Good Balancing

  67. Nagesh kumar choudhary verified owner

    Bat is good ..my son liked

  68. Bharath maini verified owner

    Bat is bliss amazing stroke and perfect weight also I received the same weight category which I chose and I am so happy about that

  69. Anurag Chatterjee verified owner

    Just to give you feedback. Bat is good but bit heavy

  70. Prudhvi raj verified owner

    The bat is awesome. I loved the bat quality and all👌🏻

  71. Abhik bagchi verified owner

    I selected heavy weight in short handle category and i got the same because i like to play with heavy bat thanks anglar

  72. Sufiyan Bashir verified owner

    Bat Received.
    Premium+Classic Addition🔥
    Ping Toh Bohot Solid hai
    As Expected 🔥
    Quality Grade Grains
    Well Maintained Balance
    Literary I Loved it❤️

  73. Saurabh sinha verified owner

    Ye wale bat ka stroke kamaal ka hai striker me utna maza nhi aaya but ye bomb hai

  74. Bharath matoriya verified owner

    Got the bat just now..
    By the looks … its fine..

  75. Gurkirat singh verified owner

    thanks bro for a wonderful weapon..recieved it🙏🏻
    we will be dealing wid many more bats in upcoming days

  76. Thavasi muthu verified owner

    I have purchased 2 bats from Anglar and I can’t say how they give this quality in that much price, highly recommended to anglar👍😊

  77. Satbeer verified owner

    Thanks, have received the bat in good condition ..

  78. Asgar Ali verified owner

    Aagya bat …mere pas thnkss
    Balnce bohut accha he.
    Jo apne tapye di thi wo laga di. Or koi oder ate he jarur contoct karunga.

  79. R. Poovesh verified owner

    Good quality bro
    Good finishing of bat

  80. Md Nawaz verified owner

    First impression has been great no doubt.

  81. Pandiraj verified owner

    I ordered 2 elegant bat one of them puch that I cant explain here i never seen punch like that in this range bats other one is average ping required more knocking.

  82. Gaurav Tomar verified owner

    Really awsm bat. Great work done. Same bat i wanted to have. Great great work.

  83. Manda verified owner

    The bat is good

  84. Siddhesh Tilekar verified owner

    The bat looks good, pretty light weight, the balance is great and the stroke without knocking also looks good.
    Overall very satisfied with the bat you have sent me..

  85. Usman Abbas verified owner

    Very good communication and supreme quality bats

  86. Himanshu Jain verified owner

    Hey I got the bat its truly a hell of a bat❤️

  87. Neel bhardwaj verified owner

    Bat liked by our all team member a lot
    Thanks looking forward to hit lot of runs😜😅

  88. B santosh kumar verified owner

    Thank u for the best bat
    Done with 50 today

  89. Rajendra verified owner

    I am from ranchi I just loved the elegant series
    Pressing done by this company is good required less knocking to make bat match ready

  90. Rinku yadav verified owner

    Professional package and delivery at time i have purchased for my friends he liked the bat

  91. Naveedh verified owner

    Received the bat thanks a lot it looks marvellous

  92. Hatim verified owner

    Got bat..its excellent. Thank you very much

  93. R magnesh verified owner

    Super 👍🏻👌🏻in terms of quality

  94. Inder verified owner

    Bats are awesome!!
    Thanks dude!! Love it
    n thanks for extra grip

  95. Anushka verified owner

    I purchased his elegant series for my cousin actually for his birthday gift i saw Anglarsports ads in Instagram and i asked about bat randomly how is it going he loves the bat and after that he ordered 5-6 bats for his friends

  96. Subaro verified owner

    I am surprised with quality they give the perfect weight and edge size is also 38-40mm so its good I thought at the time of order that weight i choosed is 1170 menas i got 33-35mm but one I received I surprisad to see the edges

  97. udhaya kumar verified owner

    Super Bat and good communication I want more bats

  98. Dharnesh KL verified owner

    I have received bat today. It look very good ❤️There is a small mark in the sweet spot hope it does not make bat to crack. Other than that bat is 👌👌💪💪

  99. Jignesh Jethva verified owner

    Awesome bats …and one more thing great coustomer care by these guys .. immediately response and coustomer satisfaction.

  100. Muji Rahman verified owner

    Awesome bat and awesome service I recommend to all.

  101. Vinayak Vijayan verified owner

    Top Grade Willows and Bats

  102. Partho verified owner

    The bat is of really professional quality. The best part is services provided along with product. Always helpful folks over call or WhatsApp. They provide your best quality product at a discounted rates. I have purchased around 5 bats from them for myself and my team and every one of those bat is worth it. Really happy would recommend everyone.

  103. Golu verified owner

    Kya bawaal bat diya hai sir aapne maan na padega aapke brand ko

  104. Lawrence verified owner

    One the best bat I have got and just loving the play and to say frankly worth the price and it’s even better compared to many others

  105. Abhi verified owner

    I have played with it
    It is a very nice bat.
    Great storokes and punches
    Ball is going like a bullet
    Thank you so much

  106. Pardhu verified owner

    Its good
    I scored 45 not out in my previous match

  107. Dalton verified owner

    Honestly effortless sixes I have cleared . They politely listens to me and understand what’s my exact requirement and ensures the same is delivered . Deciding on some more bats from ANGLAR Shape 5/5 Punch 5/5 Balance 5/5 Pressing 5/5 Grading 4/5 Price 3/5 Kuddos to you champ you would reach heights

  108. Arijit pathak verified owner

    Anglar order process is very good they update everything and always get sms for order and email too and once parcel is out delivery i got msg for out for delivery and time also mention that at what time they deliver nice service 👍future!

  109. Rizwan verified owner

    I asked for low weight bat without compromising the edges and they delivered just that and above all Anglar bat is according to the MCC rules.

  110. Nivendru verified owner

    Good bat quality with reasonable price.

  111. HANUMANTHU ALLURI verified owner

    I had wonderful experience with the ANGLAR bat , it was mad as per my personal customized profile and delivered to Abu Dhabi in a quick time .. Would recommend this to all cricket buddies

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Size Guide

Bat SizePlayer's HeightHandleFace WidthTotal
1upto 4'3"81/488-90mm251/2
Short Handle (SH)5'8"-6'2"111/2105-108mm331/2
Long Blade (LB)over 6'2"111/2105-108mm341/4
Long Handle (LH)over 6'2"121/4105-108mm341/4
LB LHover 6'4"121/4105-108mm35
*sizes may vary, after all, it is handcrafted.
*Length is in Inches.
6 – 8

Balance of the bat is guaranteed. We have 3 steps check system for all the bats. 3 people check the balance of the bat at 3 different stages of manufacturing to ensure just the perfect balance. The balance will be so good you will have a hard time guessing the weight of the bat without actually measuring it

Bats have thick edges and the spine will be high enough to provide maximum power to the bat with even distribution of wood throughout. The face of bats is slightly rounded to protect the edges from clipping and this even helps in enhancing the stroke of the bat.

The bats will have an exceptional pick-up, the bat will feel much lighter than it actually is. The design of the bats is aerodynamic to make the swing smooth.

All bats have a broad sweet spot, to give the batsman a larger area to hit the ball, and minimize the sensation when the ball hits the surface.

The toe of the bat will be thick enough to prevent it from getting cracked and provide some additional confidence to the batsman while playing low balls,along with it the toe will be slightly curved at the very edges to keep toe cracks at the minimum

The profiles of the bat will be full profile or minimum concaving as there is no better profile for a bat. This provides incredible power to the bat

We are well aware of the fact ‘The answer lies in the details’. You can trust us with your next bat, you will get what you asked for. Period.


Perfect piece of willow for high-level matches, this is our one of the most loved bats.
This bat has been created to deliver like no other bat in the ground, you will be amazed by the way it performs.

The Elegant
The Elegant

Not Just Pretty

Serious Punch, Serious Performance.

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