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Reserve Edition

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We manufacture a new bat for all our customers

Shop the way you like, we deliver worldwide

Throughly checked for breathtaking stroke & balance

Size Guide

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Short Handle (SH)
Long Blade (LB)
Long Handle (LH)
4 Piece
6 Piece (+₹650)
12 Piece (+₹800)
Semi Concave
Laser engraving will take 1 day extra
Oiling (+₹250)
Ready To Play (+₹1,700)
Oiling & Knocking will require around 1-5 days extra depending upon the option you choose.
Fibre Tape
English Tape (+₹100)
Premium English Tape (+₹200)
Toe Threading (+₹250)
This will take 1 day extra, might add additional 10-12gm
This might add additional 8-10gm
2 Grips
5 Grips
8 Grips
10 Grips
20 Grips
God Grip (...)
Hex Dot (...)
Bracelet (...)
Dynamite (...)
Octopus (...)
Ring Chevron (...)
Extra grips will be packed separately
Product total
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Reviews (53)

53 reviews for Reserve Edition

  1. Kartavya Soni verified owner

    Really good bat. It is as per my measurement and staff is also very friendly and co-operative. very well balanced

  2. siddhu verified owner

    I recently received Reserve edition bat from ANGLAR, Bat received on time I loved the bat pickup and the balance. I wanted exact replica of my SS Sky edition the bat which I received is very close to what I’ve requested for. Going forward I will only buy bats from ANGLAR.

  3. Naveen Balaji verified owner

    This is an amazingly well done bat, a proper willow, oiled, knocked not just for the name sake but professionally with care, the price point on this one especially if you are living abroad and need one for your season, I highly recommend it. A small request would be toe threading can have a bit more lower starting point, can include handle threading and the grips can be better as they are now too soft on the inside but exceptionally well on the outside.

  4. Brajesh verified owner

    I play county cricket here in London, UK and club cricket in Bangalore.I was searching for a good, balanced and customized bat for the player edition. I have landed here and got the best bat. In general all the international cricket players bats are customized as per their preference, Most of them done from bat factory, and similar kind of customization angular sport ( also does. As per my preference what I like in bat, very good quality english willow, good ping from top to bottom, 8-9 straight grains, two willow colors, bat size = short handle , weight : 1150-1160 gram, handle shape: oval, handle thickness : medium , sweet spot position : Low, teo shape: semi concave and extra thing I asked to do like Laser engraving(My name on bat), oiling & knocking, anti-scuff sheet, Threading, Toe guard and extra grip. 
    All those they have done very beautifully, can’t ask more in bat.  And within 15 days I got the bat.  Just for FYI , this is my 2nd bat from ANGLAR. Thank you for giving me a 100% customized bat.

  5. Madan verified owner

    I bought reserve edition bat and It has amazing piece of wood , grains and great ping. I would highly recommend if you looking for good bat.

  6. Ejaz Hamed verified owner

    💯for their bats

  7. A Khan (England) verified owner

    Top class bat’s very good customer service also quality bat’s.they made my bat exactly what I wanted. Ordered my bat to UK England very reliable company Thanks to angler

  8. Dilruk Fernando verified owner

    I delayed my review as even though I bought my bat in August 2021 and using it in the nets, I have only used it in a match today. I bought the Anglar Reserve edition- custom( thicker handle, mid to low sweet spot).I knocked it in myself and after applying extra-tec( Scuff sheath) the bat weighs 2/9.5, but picks up amazingly like a 2/8 or less. I have had many bats but this one is easily one of the best if not the best I have had in terms of pick up, pressing, looks and ping. Looking forward to buying more bats from Anglar and will highly recommend them

  9. Ramesh Reddy Galiveeti verified owner

    Good one I expect soft wood

  10. Manjit Singh verified owner

    Purchased Reserve Edition, one of the great Bat, perfect balance great ping. Looking forward to buy another one soon.

  11. Ali Hadi Chaudhary verified owner

    Absolutely stunning finishing and the quality of the bat is unbelievable. You have just earned a new fan ANGLAR SPORTS. Keepi it up.

  12. Shravan verified owner

    Absolutely amazing products at a really competitive price. Got a reserve edition bat from Anglar along with the kitbag, gloves and pads. The bat had an amazing pick up and the ping was stunning.

    The customer service is great and the delivery to Australia was super quick. Received my products in 5 business days. I will definitely be customizing a bat from these guys very soon.

  13. Hima verified owner

    Extremely happy with the purchase of my kit… thank you Anglar for helping me with my needs… bat is really amazing, well balanced…feels really light in hands and sweet spot is big enough to hit almost every ball

  14. Rahul verified owner

    Bat looks amazing, pick up is light and ping is incredible. Highly recommend Anglar if you are looking for a custom bat.

  15. Callum verified owner

    Extremely happy with this bit of willow, the ping off of this bat is to make you want to go and bat all day,
    Looking forward to the cricket season ahead with this beauty, ( reserve )

  16. Cal verified owner

    Absolute perfection, the ping off of my reserve edition is unreal, talk about “X- Factor”
    Looking forward to starting the cricket season with this pearler of a cricket bat! 👍👍👍

  17. Jewel verified owner

    Bat came and oh my days, what a beauty and what a pick up on the bat, they gave me everything I’ve asked for and everything I paid for, this is a company you can count on, hopefully might get a sponsor in the near future 😉

  18. Kiran arora verified owner

    Hi, received my bat today. Look great thanks.

  19. Simranjeet Singh verified owner

    Highly recommended, got myself a really good reserve edition bat ping’s all over the bat. Loved it

  20. Umair farooq verified owner

    I received the goods everything looks good.

  21. Tibin thomas verified owner

    Amazing bat. Highly recommended

  22. Theo valleri verified owner

    Hey arrived today thank you it’s great gear 👌🏻

  23. Gurpreet verified owner

    Fabulous bats👌

  24. Amandeep verified owner

    I got my bat today and i really loved it.

  25. Ashok Chapagain verified owner

    Love the all products mate
    Specially your bat is mind blowing.What a balance and ping is incredible.

  26. Sharjil verified owner

    Amazing bat, easily among the best I’ve used. Loved the option of having a custom profile, which made the bat a little bottom heavy but was balanced out by double grips.
    Overall would recommend to everyone especially at this price point.

  27. Darshan Pingle verified owner

    Superb Products, Pads, Gloves, Kit bags are players grade
    I bought Reserve edition, came with 2 tone wood 11-12 visible grains superb balance and superb ping. Will definitely recommend Anglars Sports

  28. Harinder Singh verified owner

    Nice bat with clean grains and performance is amazing easily face 140-145kmph.

  29. Vikram Chauhan verified owner

    Laazawaab Anglar bats👍👍
    Nice quality willow with best courier service.

  30. Bodhi guha verified owner

    Wow what a fantastic finished bat.In all aspects bat is amazing.10 out of 10.👍👍

  31. Anubhav kesharwani verified owner

    Bat looks phenomenal balance and everything is superb

  32. Vignesh KrishnaRaj verified owner

    Awesome bat, doing good and best wishes guys👍
    🏏I love the willow ❤️

  33. Raj kumar singh verified owner

    Hit 64 runs in 47balls your bat punch is very good.thanks👍

  34. Gaurav sharma verified owner

    Worth it. Willow looks nice

  35. Sai Pavan verified owner

    firstly I purchased his basic one the dynamic what a lovely bat it was after that I purchased anglar reserve mind blowing decision. Good craftsmanship👍🏻😇keep it up

  36. Abhishek verma verified owner

    kya bana ke diye ho sir bat is range me aisa bat to saayad koi naa de what a superb effort. Thanks for great bat thnku.

  37. Praveen Nagre verified owner

    Received bat today…thank you so much for your support and help…bhaiya… I am Happy 🙂
    Bat Ka weight and balance are very nice👌🙏 keep up the good work.

  38. Sivaraman verified owner

    Received bat unpacked now bat looks stunning balance and everything is mind blowing

  39. Amanda Lindsay verified owner

    Unbelievable quality
    The best I’ve had
    Even the grip is amazing
    And the padded case is awesome

  40. Manoj Patel verified owner

    I have this morning received all the equipment. I am very impressed with the quality of the all the kit especially the bat! The ping is mind blowing and this is without me knocking it in yet. Thank you.

  41. Rob verified owner

    Hi – I managed to hit a few
    balls today for my exercise! it was awesome!!!!
    Hope you are well in these tough times.
    I did not expect it to ping like that – the low middle is huge and massive power.

  42. Vijay Singh Mahla verified owner

    I purchased 2 bats with Anglar both are just best stroked bat i have ever clean bat

  43. Dev Kumar verified owner

    Wow 😍😍😍
    Balance amazing
    Weight perfect

  44. Hudson toomey verified owner

    I have purchased his reserve edition and all bats have professional packaging and grains like you can draw line from scale and his reserve edition bats grains both are almost same

  45. Murtaza Najmi verified owner

    Very good communication & response , bat n gloves is excellent, thanks for it.
    Loved the narrow grains so much.

  46. Saikh verified owner

    Anglar is future for bat making company i will already recommend to buy from anglar specially reserve edition

  47. Rehan khan verified owner

    Very impressed on first look. Balance, pick up, grains, shape, handle all perfect

  48. Aziz Ansari verified owner

    What an amazing piece of wood received from Anglar. Worth every penny… i would highly recommend it for pro players. Thank You Anglar for all the help.

  49. Tom poul verified owner

    High quality willow with excellent customer care and his delivery also fast in Australia

  50. Vivek verified owner

    I have 6 bats and after that once i show ths ads of anglar in cricheroes and I thought to order and I ordered once I received the bat its just faboulous looks and nice balance i will recommend everyone and his sticker I can say the quality of stickers is next level

  51. Rajesh Verma verified owner

    Thanx for a nice bat.. I played today with it and a scored a 52 run at 100 strike rate.

  52. Hitesh rathore verified owner

    bat quality is good ping I checked thats also high ping .the bat mentainancae card given by anglar along with bat is very helpful

  53. Prem Krishna verified owner

    Thanks a lot. I got my bat and it looks awesome 👏🏻 I really liked it

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Size Guide

Bat SizePlayer's HeightHandleFace WidthTotal
1upto 4'3"81/488-90mm251/2
Short Handle (SH)5'8"-6'2"111/2105-108mm331/2
Long Blade (LB)over 6'2"111/2105-108mm341/4
Long Handle (LH)over 6'2"121/4105-108mm341/4
LB LHover 6'4"121/4105-108mm35
*sizes may vary, after all, it is handcrafted.
*Length is in Inches.
9 – 15

Balance of the bat is guaranteed. We have 3 steps check system for all the bats. 3 people check the balance of the bat at 3 different stages of manufacturing to ensure just the perfect balance. The balance will be so good you will have a hard time guessing the weight of the bat without actually measuring it

Bats have thick edges and the spine will be high enough to provide maximum power to the bat with even distribution of wood throughout. The face of bats is slightly rounded to protect the edges from clipping and this even helps in enhancing the stroke of the bat.

The bats will have an exceptional pick-up, the bat will feel much lighter than it actually is. The design of the bats is aerodynamic to make the swing smooth.

All bats have a broad sweet spot, to give the batsman a larger area to hit the ball, and minimize the sensation when the ball hits the surface.

The toe of the bat will be thick enough to prevent it from getting cracked and provide some additional confidence to the batsman while playing low balls,along with it the toe will be slightly curved at the very edges to keep toe cracks at the minimum

The profiles of the bat will be full profile or minimum concaving as there is no better profile for a bat. This provides incredible power to the bat

We are well aware of the fact ‘The answer lies in the details’. You can trust us with your next bat, you will get what you asked for. Period.

The Ultimate

One of the best English Willow money can buy. Incredible Balance, Outstanding Punch. There is nothing you will not like about this beast bat.

Reserve Edition
Reserve Edition

Top Notch

This is the bat you will want to flaunt. A bat which performs as good as it looks. International Standards. International Performance.

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