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Premium Quality Custom Cricket Bats, Pads & Kits Manufacturer

Competence, elegance, and impeccable quality cricket equipment best describe ANGLAR. Our cricket equipment, including cricket bats, pads, gloves, and kit bag, is handmade, be it our cricket whites (ANGLAR Originals). Everything is designed in a way to reflect the same passion you have for this beautiful sport. Our cricket bats are handcrafted using the best grades of naturally seasoned English willow, giving every player excellent comfort and confidence. Each cricket bat available at ANGLAR, a trusted cricket store online in India, has its qualities, which every professional cricketer demands from their product supplier. As one of India’s top cricket bat manufacturers regarding attention to detail and craftsmanship, our objective is simple – to make the finest quality and top-class cricket equipment available to those who love this sport and have an unrivaled passion for the game.

Truly Handcrafted Products From One Of The Best Online Cricket Store In India

ANGLAR is a worldwide exporter and supplier of premium sports products and the world’s best bat company. We have an excellent product range from customized cricket bats and batting pads to batting gloves, kit bags, and Cricket whites. Each product available at ANGLAR is crafted with passion and style to ensure users appreciate our efforts and outstanding craftsmanship. From beginner bats to professional bats, we produce all kinds of bats and customize them to your playing needs. Our customers trust us as top quality online cricket shop for shopping all types of cricket equipment because they know the following:

  • We use top-quality materials for manufacturing all cricket equipment.
  • We have high-tier manufacturing processes and apparatus.
  • We provide excellent customer support and assistance for all our cricket products.
  • We have a highly efficient and hassle-free online order placement system with safe payment options.
  • We offer all cricket gear and apparel at the best prices.
  • We help our customers with great suggestions to help them choose a product that goes well with their needs and aspirations.
  • We also have excellent “After-sale service.”

We have a comprehensive range of cricket bats comprising Reverse Edition, Dark Edition, Hitter Edition, The Elegant, The Dynamic, and The Striker. Similarly, we have Signature & Subtle Flagship batting pads available exclusively at ANGLAR. Our Arcadian & Inertia Batting Gloves are lightweight and popular for their tough protection. That’s why people trust us as a top-quality online cricket shop.

Why Should You Buy Cricket Bats From ANGLAR?

ANGLAR is one of the best bat manufacturers in India regarding attention to detail and craftsmanship. We produce custom-made cricket bats that match the quality and standard of top international branded bats. We can customize our cricket bats to suit your needs, as you can customize your bat from top to bottom. You can choose the size, weight, handle shape, handle thickness, sweet spot, and toe shape. All this comes under deep customization options in which you can tailor every aspect of the bat to your playing interest. Shop today from top quality online cricket shop!


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We manufacture a new bat as per your requirements, so you can pick any bat model and customise it as per your need.


Authentic ANGLAR products, you will get what you ask for. We are pretty serious about matching our own standard, everyday.


We don’t limit ourselves, shop the way you like from anywhere in the world. If you have a valid address, we will deliver there.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Custom Cricket Bats are designed specifically for a customer according to his/her preferences and customisations. The bats are not ready-made, we manufacture a new bat for every customer as per their requirements.

We have a wide range of customization options available on our website. However, there are infinite ways to customise a bat, if you want some specific customization and you don’t see the option, you can simply contact us and the team will help you instantly. You can customise the bat the way you want, almost everything is possible.

The general time required for making a cricket bat is 3-4 days. In case of any add-ons, the time required may increase, for instance, if you opt for the ‘ready to play’ option which is full knocking and oiling, it’s a 3-5 days process.

Yes, we deliver worldwide, be it USA, Australia, or Saudi Arabia. If you have got a correct address, we will deliver.

We understand that balance and pick-up are crucial aspects for a batter. Every bat we make is passed through various quality checks by experienced professionals. We have been in this for a very long time, and we can assure you that these will be one of the finest bats you will own. So, the balance and the pick-up of the bat are guaranteed from our side.