Shipping Policy

General Timeline & Shipping Policy


  1. General timeline for cricket bat making
    Manufacturing                         2-3 days
    Ready To Play                          3-5 days
    Laser engraving/threading       1 day
    Delivery time                            5-8 days(India), 3-10 days(International)
  2. The timeline mentioned above only consists of working days. Sundays and public holidays are not included in the timeline.
  3. Please remember that timeline can vary sometimes due to in-between requests by the customers or some unprecedented situations that can arise.


  1. Customers are required to provide us with the correct and precise shipping address for safe delivery. We are in no way responsible for incorrect or partial shipping addresses provided by the customer.
  2. Any request for changes in the provided shipping address should be submitted before the order is shipped. For any such requests, you can mail us at [email protected].
  3. The average shipping time for orders within India is 3-5 days. (This shipping time is generally for well-connected tier-1 and tier-2 cities. The shipping time can be longer for some places.)
  4. For orders outside of India, the average shipping time is 3-6 days. (This shipping time is for the countries that are well connected with India. The shipping time can be longer for some countries.)
  5. We have partnered with several shipping companies. We choose a shipping company based on certain parameters(region of delivery, size of the package, and shipping duration) that provide an optimum solution.
  6. Any shipping company’s operational delay is beyond our control.
  7. International shipping is sometimes carried out by two different shipping companies which may result in some delays or unexpected circumstances which are beyond our control.
  8. Every product of our company is well protected and packed before shipping. Although there can be some handling issues from the shipping company side that may lead to minor damages to some of the products, which is beyond our scope of operation.
  9. There can be some unprecedented changes in the delivery timeline or custom charges due to changes in specific country policies which is not in our control in any way.
  10. Any operational mistake done by the shipping company will have to be resolved with the cooperation of the customer and the shipping company.


  1. Shipping to foreign countries may attract custom charges while these custom charges are not very certain, it depends on a lot of variables which has not been made clear by the shipping providers. Shipping companies like DHL provide blazing fast shipping with incredible service but might have a high chance of attracting custom charges in some countries, whereas companies like ARAMEX have a relatively lower chance of customs charges.
  2. Custom charges are a result of foreign trade regulations enforced by the respective governments (through shipping companies). If there are any custom charges involved with a shipment or package, usually the customer will directly receive an email from the shipping provider or in some cases from the Customs or Export department of their country, the email will clearly mention the next steps which the customer has to follow. ANGLAR is nowhere involved in this whole process as the transaction is entirely between the customer and the shipping provider.

It is advisable to pay the customs charges as soon as you receive the message from the shipping company. Any delay in payment from your side may result in massive delays, damage, and sometimes even lead to the loss of the parcel.