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Loyalty Points. Refer & Earn. Endless Rewards.


Loyalty Points. Refer & Earn. Endless Rewards.


Step 1

Sign in to your account and click on ‘Anglar Rewards’ and share your unique referral link with your friends

Step 2

Your friends will receive FLAT 10% discount upto ₹2,000 when they purchase from your link.

Step 3

You will get 10% of your friends order total as Anglar Credits. You can redeem all credits at once. Enjoy.

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Get 5% of purchase value as Anglar Credits

Unlimited Credits | 100% Redeemable

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Anglar Credits

Anglar Credit is the store credit. Whenever you buy a product you get Anglar credits which you can redeem to get discounts.

Flat rate.1 Anglar Credit is worth ₹1.

There are multiple ways. First, you need to be logged in to see how many Anglar Credits you have. On mobile devices, you can check your Anglar Credits in the sidebar itself just click on that hamburger button. For desktops you can check your Anglar Credits on the top header bar and also you can always check your Anglar Credits on your account page, or you can click here.

Unlimited 5%. This means if you buy products worth ₹50,000, you will get 2,500 Anglar Credits.Simple. There is no upper limit.

Redeem all you have at once. Yes, you can redeem 100% of your Anglar Credits on a single order.

No. The points will only be available for redeeming after an exclusion period, which is when the product ordered will be delivered.

Refer & Earn

You can find your referral link and analytics at the bottom of your account section or you can click here.

It is pretty simple. You refer a friend, when he buys a product from your unique link your friend will instantly get 10% off. Once your friend has bought a product you will get 10% of your friends cart total as Anglar Credits.

Sure. Let’s say you shared your unique link with one of your friends. Your friend wants to buy Limited Edition which is worth ₹20,000, if he purchases via your unique link he will get instantly 10% off, so the limited edition will cost him just ₹18,000. Once your friend has placed the order, you will get 10% of your friend’s cart total as Anglar Credits which is 1800 credits(10% of ₹18,0000). That’s all. You can refer as many friends as you want and you can use all your Anglar Credits at once.

No. You can start referring your friends right away.

There is no limit on that, you can refer as much as possible.

Your account will reflect Anglar Credits as soon as your friend makes his/her purchase using your referral link. You will be able to redeem the credits after the exclusion period.

The exclusion period is usually of 8 days or the number of days it take the product to deliver, whichever is higher. You will be able to redeem the anglar credit only after 8 days or after your referral order has been delivered.

We have kept things really simple so that you can earn as much as possible.
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