A cricket bat is an essential piece of equipment in the game of cricket. It is usually made of two wooden parts: a cane handle and a flat-fronted wooden blade made up of willow. English willow is used to make the majority of international standard cricket bats. You can Buy English willow cricket bat from one of the best bat manufacturers in India. 

The type of willow in the cricket bat and its grain structure determines its longevity, rebound, toughness, and shock resistance. When seeking a great bat, a sportsperson considers several factors, including willow utilised in the bat. English willow and Kashmir willow are the two most common forms of willow used in cricket bats.

Profiles Of English Willow Cricket Bats

Choosing the perfect cricket bat might be challenging at times. The bat profile will define your game. You can also try to buy fully knocked bat. The English willow bats are entirely handcrafted, making it possible to make the profile of the bat according to the player’s needs. The majority of bats fit into one of the following categories.

  1. Mid Profile 

The Mid profile bat has a large central bow and a high sweet spot and is designed for a top-order batter. It is best suited for players who prefer to play on their back foot. It is ideal for playing pull & cut shots effectively. Mid Profile bats are mostly used on bouncy pitches. 

  1. Mid-Low Profile

The mid-low profile bats have a middle to low sweet spot. This bat form appears to be ideal for middle-order front and back foot hitters. Any grade of English willow can be used to create the shape of the bat. It is the most widely used bat profile across the globe.It is a common bat profile for pitches that are not so bouncy.

  1. Low Profile

Low-profile bats have a low & mid-low sweet spot for hitting the ball. The low-profile bat is ideal for all-rounders in the lower and middle orders of the cricket team. It is generally used for hitting the low lying deliveries for sixes. 

  1. Extended Profile

The extended profile of the bat is a combination of all the above profiles, with an extended spine that runs till the bat’s toe, and a raised spine that allows for a more prominent sweet spot to strike the ball. The expanded profile has a larger sweet spot which increases the power hitting ability of a batter. It’s perfect for an offensive batter who wants to hit any type of deliveries for boundaries.

Customised Bat Shapes and Profiles

The weight and shape of the English willow bats are customised specifically to improve the players’ performance. Apart from the positions of the sweet spot, the bats can be customised in various shapes like – Duckbill shape, Dolphin shape, Classic shape, Camel shape etc. 

Also there are three types of back profiles – Concave, semi concave and convex profiles. Convex profiles have more wood at the sweet spot so it is used to generate more power. On the other hand concave profile bats are generally lighter in weight and have light pickup for fast swing. 

We here at ANGLAR provide you with deep customisation options so that you can get your hands on some of the finest pieces of willow made just for you.