Limited Edition

Limited Edition


Buy Limited Edition English Willow Bat At ANGLAR

One word that can describe Limited Edition English willow cricket bat is “Remarkable.” It is one of the finest English Willow wood bats that can take your game to a completely new level. You can play the fearless shots while playing with our custom English willow cricket bat. It’s a great bat to get your next ton.

Buy Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat as it performs beyond your expectations and the icing on the cake is that it is a customized English willow bat. Customize the Limited Edition the way you want without compromising the quality even by a little. You will definitely have a hard time finding anything like this incredible bat.

We recommend you to Customize and Buy Limited Edition English Willow as its details speak for themselves. You can completely trust this bat for your next important match, you will get what you have asked for. They come with full profile or minimum concaving that provides incredible power to this bat. Shop for it today!


One of the finest English Willow. Take your game to a whole new level. This bat allows you to play those fearless shots.

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Limited Edition
Limited Edition


Looks, Performance all beyond your expectations, you will have a hard time finding anything not to like in this incredible piece of wood.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We manufacture a new bat right from the scratch for all our customers according to their requirements, this allows us and our customers to customise the bat completely.

The Limited Edition bat generally has 8-10 grains.

Limited Grade. It is a top grade willow and is suitable for professional players.

In case you want further customisation, like you want to copy the shape of your old bat, you can contact us and we will customise the bat the way you want.