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The use of cricket batting pads is a must in cricket. It is a compulsory gear that covers the legs of batsmen as well wicket keepers. Players use cricket pads as a defense against the cricket ball, which might hit the lower part of the legs, including knees, shins, and lower thighs. Similarly, wicket-keeping pads protect the wicket keeper against hard leather cricket balls that could approach them after hitting the bat at high speed. Taking no protection against leather balls can lead to severe injuries to both batsmen and wicket keepers. But the question is how exactly do cricket batting pads protect you, and what are they made of?

Earlier, cricket batting pads were made from foam, cotton, and cane rods to create pipes wrapped around the legs for protection. They were heavy and cumbersome, such that players used to face difficulty in moving and running between the wickets. On the other hand, modern pads are practical and much lighter while retaining the protection of old-fashioned pads. They are made of ultra-light materials, and segmented design doesn’t restrict the movement. The separated segments allow the pad to wrap around the leg and reduce interference with the bat or gloves.

It is always important to understand which materials are used to make batting pads, but it is also vital to know what else to look for when buying one. In this blog, we will discuss the best cricket batting pads, their material, and buying criteria in detail.

Commonly Used Materials In Making Of Cricket Batting Pads

Earlier, leather was used to make cricket batting pads, but now, it has been replaced with long-lasting, low-priced materials. These materials are light in weight and have excellent durability. Some of the common replacement options are – PVC and PU.

You can find modern pads containing high-density foam.. The front structure of the cricket pads is made from cane wood, a light material, and the wood is filled with cotton. The face is covered with high quality Korean PU. Together, these materials provide high protection against cricket balls and are shock-resistant. If you choose Cricket Batting Pads by ANGLAR, we put utmost effort into making them lightweight to increase the comfort level of the batsman. We use high-quality premium materials to ensure durability and the long life of pads.

Choosing A Perfect Cricket Batting Pads

As already mentioned, both wicket keepers and batsmen need pads for protection during the play. Therefore, cricket batting pads can be divided into two categories based on their usage.

Batting Pads: They are used by a batsman while batting. They are also called batting leg guards. You can find them in the following size ranges:

  • Men
  • Youth
  • Boys
  • Small Boys

You may also find different categorizations based on sizes, such as mini and small men’s sizes.

Wicket Keeping Pads: These pads types are used by wicket keepers while keeping the wicket. Just like batting pads, wicket keeping leg guards also come in different sizes:

  • Men
  • Youth
  • Boys
  • Small Boys

Apart from the categories mentioned above, there is a difference in pads based on users’ preferred hand. For example, pads for a left-hand batsman are different from the pads of the right-hand batsman. Also, there are color options available for the same.

Choosing An Ideal Pair Of Pads

You may find several guides on the selection procedure of cricket pads, but we would suggest a few important selection criteria. These include:

Quality & Structure: Cricket protection is an integral part of any player’s kit. Make sure you check the material of the pads, such as front covering material, the type of foam and other paddings. Structure of the pads is also important for a good fit and feel. Good pads have curved structure to wrap around your leg comfortably and create less hindrance while running. A quick online research can make things clear for you. You can easily find cricket pads in every price range.

Right Size: Cricket pads come in various size ranges, and finding the right size is critical. If you choose too small pads, they will not provide you with full protection. On the other hand, big-sized pads won’t let you move freely.

Some common sizes of batting pads available in the market are:

  • 32cm-35cm – Boys
  • 36cm-38cm – Youth
  • 41cm-43cm – Men

Measure the distance between your ankle and knee and choose a new pair online.

Weight: Apart from the size and structure, the weight of the pad is also a key factor to consider while choosing a cricket pad for yourself. Good quality cricket pads should be light in weight without compromising the quality of the pad. Modern materials used in cricket pads have helped in significantly reducing the weight of the pad. 

Design & Built: The design and look of the batting pads should be sleek and modern. The design of pads may change with the brand, but still, many brands have similarities in designing. The pads should have strong knee roll to protect the knee region. The back side of the pads should be comprised of mesh fabrics for quick sweat wicking. Apart from these, good quality velcro straps, removable padding, knee protection are some of the things which should be kept in mind while making a purchase.

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