Indian Premier League is the most extensive and most expensive domestic cricket league globally. And not only Indians but all the cricket fans from all over the world look forward to the event. And there are consistent players whom we love and wish to perform the best in every innings they play. But the year hasn’t been that good for some of the batters we want to accomplish. You can’t be winning in every match that you are playing. At times, you tend to lose, which makes you stronger for future challenges. Even the biggest cricket stars have to struggle to score runs at some point in their life. And up ahead, we will be discussing a couple of those players. And then you would also get to know about a top quality online cricket shop.

Virat Struggles To Remain On The Crease.

Virat Kohli has not been able to score big numbers for his teams lately. Since the test series with Sri Lanka, the skipper cannot sustain himself on the crease for a decent time. A cricket fan would not be able to imagine Virat Kohli in this state. The media has been writing against the skipper’s lousy form and advised him to take a break from the game, to which Kohli has not been able to give a considerable answer on the pitch. 

Even if we look at his performances in the IPL, he returned to the pavilion with single-digit scores most of the time and had two consecutive golden ducks. The skipper has stepped down as a Test captain from the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The fans still hope to see him get back in form in the ongoing season. 

Ishan Kishan Was Accused Of Not Being Worth The Investments.

The Wicketkeeper batter was the most expensive buy in the IPL- 2022 auctions. The player did a splendid eighty-one in their match against the Delhi Capitals, and he was expected to perform exceptionally well in the games. But that did not happen in the matches that the team has played. Five-time winners of the title failed to win a single match in the tournament till now. It could be a demotivating factor for any player if you are mentally not strong enough. 

The Hitman Stands Strong, Facing Consistent Losses.

Rohit Sharma could only score above thirty in the match against the Delhi Capitals and, since then, has not hit a big knock. He has captained the National senior teams against the Srilankan and the West Indian teams. But because of the losses in the IPL, he is being accused of not having the capabilities to lead a team in such big tournaments. And the irony is people’s perception of their capabilities depends on one instant. People, unfortunately, do not understand that even the stars are humans, and they are allowed their share of a bad phase. They need to know that it’s the experience they have gained, and thus you must conclude after you have a detailed look at the bigger picture.

Rishabh Pant

Former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri recently stated that Rishabh Pant had not shown his best in the season. He says that he needs to contribute better in the tournament. He has not been able to get a superb knock in the tournament as his average is still something equivalent to thirty. But recently, some people also said that he somewhere has a similar set of characteristics as Captain Cool(MS Dhoni). 

To Wrap It Up!

One needs to understand that people may face ups and downs at different points in life. We are witnessing some of the greatest players face their lows, and they still face whatever is coming their way. And if you wish to represent your country in the years to come, you must be equally robust to handle any situation that life bowls at you. You must be true to your game and always strive for perfection whenever you practise.

And with dedication, you also need the best set of equipment that enables you to perform using the best of your abilities. 

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