Cricket is a timeless sport; it is not only loved but lived by its fans. The love for this game is so high no power on the earth can beat it. People almost cancel their meetings, parties, and other important things just to enjoy watching the game. But, there is a vast difference between watching your favourite cricketer hitting sixes on the field and playing yourself. Many people wish to play on the field with their idols one day.

Nowadays, it has become easier for you to learn cricket whether you are an adult or a child. With all the special equipment and the best training centres, you can live your dream and learn your favourite game. Most importantly, cricket bats have evolved with time; they have been made lighter and more fashionable so that people do not get tired while playing.

These bats are made of different grades of English Willow depending on which type of bat you want to buy. So they can also be custom made for different players based on their physique, gameplay and position in the game. In this blog, we have compiled some best cricket bats which will help you revive your game and let you learn all about your favourite game. 

Let’s check them now!

Reserve Edition Cricket Bat:

The Reserve Edition English willow is considered a top-notch cricket bat. The grains of the bat range from 9 to15. This is the only bat you can flaunt while playing on the field. It comes with an outstanding punch and incredible balance. 

If you look at this bat, you can’t resist buying it, as there is nothing you won’t like about the Reserve Edition bat. While performing with this bat, you will look just like a professional performing in the field. One can also ask for customization of this bat as it can designed for a particular player.

Limited Edition Cricket Bat:

The limited edition cricket bat is an excellent choice from all English willow editions. There is no doubt that this bat will help you bring out your best and also improves your skills to the next level. With this fantastic high-quality English Willow bat, you can fearlessly hit any shot. 

Limited Edition cricket bats come with amazing looks and performance beyond your expectations. If you have difficulty finding a bat with all that you want, then you can go with Limited Edition English Willow, which is a perfect choice for a professional player. It’s a limited-grade bat, and the grains range of this bat is between 8 to 12. 

Dark Edition Cricket Bat:

The dark edition English willow helps you improve your shots and enhance your gaming skills. It’s the very first choice of all the professional players. It’s a player’s grand bat and grains are in the range of 8-10. The bat is quite affordable, and its style and design make it more appealing.

You will notice that the stability it provides and the punch it generates are mesmerising. You will fall in love with this bat with perfect shorts and incredible pickup. Moreover, you won’t find this incredible bat at this price, so hurry up and get one for yourself.

Hitter Edition Cricket Bat

The Hitter Edition Cricket Bat is specifically designed for hitting powerful sixes. These bats are specially designed for the player to play in a T20 match. Players can go for this bat and give their best during the match with the fastest bat swing and broader sweet spot. The sweet spot of these bats help you generate massive momentum to hit sixes during the match. 

Its unmatchable performance makes this bat stand out among all the cricket bats. The Hitter Edition Cricket Bat has a longer handle of 0.5 inches and a shorter blade. Its weight is kept around 1220 gm, which gives it a balanced bat swing and ample power generation. It has a grain range of 7-8 and grades for number one selection. 

Final Words!

It’s a well-known fact that cricket bats come in different types and at different prices. Some bats are made for beginners with less power, while some are specifically designed for professional players. 

You should choose your favourite bat based on the level, price, specifications, and quality from the best cricket store online in India to enjoy playing your favourite game without any worries.