After Dhoni played his last international match in the ICC world cup 2019, the team has not found a finisher and player with such a calm component. And it’s essential to have more players added to the A-plus category so that the team has some players who are a part of the team consistently. These players are the ones who would be able to lead the younger ones to make some wins for the nation. As the captain cool has already retired, it’s also time to realise that out of the three players on the A+ list, two have been part of the team for very long and are getting old. So if you do not have some consistent players in the teams, you will have to face difficulties because of the team’s arrangement. We haven’t found a good leader to lead India in International ventures till now, and then when the other most prominent players of the group are not doing well, you must have someone who motivates the section on the grounds.

The Ageing Players Are A Concern.

MS Dhoni has been the most prominent middle-order batsman and has a definite style to perform well in the last overs. One has never imagined a wicketkeeper with such a fast reflex rate. It is believed that MS Dhoni plans the game and makes it happen as precisely as possible. He can evaluate all the moves of any batsman and then strategize things to make everything fall into his plan. He has an outstanding leader within him, and that is why he was asked for his opinions even after he stepped down as a captain.

But now, two of the most important and experienced players, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, have a few years left before they hang up their boots. This will lead to a serious issue of lack of experience in the team. This is a major challenge for the selection committee to look into.

The Haphazard Selection Of The Boys

Recently in research, it was said that in 2021, the Indian Cricket team would play the international tournaments with combinations formed out of forty-eight different players. This could be seen as a positive factor because young blood will have opportunities to represent the national teams but does there exist a proper sense of camaraderie and the sense of involvement. After MS Dhoni became the captain, there happened to be a team that had been there for most of the time, and thus the team performed well enough to win some excellent and essential tournaments for their nation. And this continued till the last year when Virat Kohli stepped down as a captain. 

Rohit would have maintained the team’s standards if he had some of the players consistently playing some matches. Another irony is keeping some players out of the playing eleven even when they perform well. Some examples are Yuzvendra Chahal, the best spinner in Indian Cricket. The selectors have figured out who should consistently be a part of the team. And for that, they have been trying all the youngsters and checking their performances in the international matches. 

Wrapping The Conversation

The Board of Cricket Control for India(BCCI) has been working on forming a perfect Indian Men’s senior cricket team. This is the first season of the IPL when the selection committee has a member sitting in the stadium and tracking the players’ performances in the matches based on the grounds, players, and the situations. And this thus implies that the youngsters who dream of being a part of the National Cricket Teams must make sure that they put out their top performance in all national and state level matches, which would play a significant role in opening the doors of the dressing rooms of the national teams for you. You must practise adequately to ensure that you have the correct postures and forms on the ground. This would allow you to perform well in the matches. And to further enhance the quality of your game, you must make sure to get the best cricket equipment that facilitates free mobility of your body. 

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