When it comes to batting, comfort is key! It requires enough hard work to make the necessary adjustments to your technique or ensure that you’re striking the ball well. Your cricket gears should be comfortable enough that you don’t even realize you’re wearing them. Picking and maintaining your cricket gloves will help you play at your best. The first piece of equipment to show signs of wear and tear is generally the batting gloves. Sweat on the hands and friction during stroke play can harm the gloves when playing cricket in hot weather. Purchasing cricket equipment is usually thrilling, but it’s always a good idea to ensure you get the actual worth of your spending by adequately maintaining your equipment. Buy Cricket Gloves Online to get the best offers and purchase flexibly without going anywhere. 

Important factors to consider when purchasing cricket gloves

1. Choose The Accurate Size 

The appropriate batting gloves may make or break your performance as a batsman. The gloves allow you to have a fantastic hold on your bat and efficiently perform your strokes. Furthermore, they provide the necessary protection for your hands. The gloves’ size is generally expressed in centimeters, and it is the measurement of length taken in a direct line from your wrist to the tip of your extended finger. Glove sizes may also vary depending on the manufacturer. However, there are sizing charts to assist you in selecting the appropriate gloves.

  1. Right Or Left-Handed

One of the most apparent fractures cricketers have to suffer is broken fingers. When you’re batting, it’s crucial to protect your hands. Modern gloves are incredibly light and give a great deal of protection, particularly to the bottom hand. The bottom hand is generally hit when a ball bounces swiftly off the pitch. Both gloves include flexible cushioned portions on each finger, making glove wrapping easier.

The thumb of the bottom hand, the right hand for a right-handed hitter, and the left hand for a left-handed batsman is likewise protected on all gloves. Some gloves feature protection for the bottom hand’s first and second fingers. In cricket, the most common injury is a broken finger; thus, having the correct size of gloves for both hands is crucial. The gloves you choose must protect your hands when hitting.

  1. Pick The Correct Type 

Cricket gloves can be categorized as follows:

  • Sausage finger
  • Split-finger

When should you prefer choosing “sausage finger” gloves?

If you play in settings where the ball bounces a little more, sausage finger gloves can be a good option. The fingertips are well-protected with these gloves.

When should you prefer choosing “split-finger” gloves? 

Split-finger gloves allow extra flexibility. If you’re a wristy player who requires the same flexibility in your gloves as you do in your shots, these gloves are for you. 

In the end, it boils down to comfort, as both types of gloves give excellent protection. Anglar can help you make a quick and simple selection!

ANGLAR’S Spectacular Gloves Range 

Arcadian These gloves are meant to give you the finest in class protection, not only allowing you to play confidently but also boosting your confidence.

  • It has high-quality, imported Korean PU for long-term use.
  • Impact absorption is unrivaled thanks to reinforced poly-fiber protection on the frontal fingers.
  • Impact protection bar on the glove’s side (3 piece Armour)
  • The finest English leather in the palm region for increased grip and durability.
  • Breathable gusset with airflow for more excellent moisture and odor dispersion.
  • Incredible multi-flex design for a better grip and unconstrained finger movement.

Arcadian gloves are available in two colors – black and white variants. 

Inertia – Your ready-to-wear gloves offer good protection along with a good appearance. The simplistic style of the gloves will appeal to you. The best value for money is budget-friendly gloves that don’t skimp on safety features. Frontal fingers have reinforced poly-fiber protection. The finest sheep leather is used for increased grip and durability in the palm region. 

Inertia Sausage is traditional and one of history’s most well-known extensively used glove designs. These gloves are among the most popular for a reason: they provide unmatched protection. Fiber ring inserts protect all of your fingers and keep you safe while playing. These are rugged gloves used in the nets for severe training and in challenging matches.

Points to keep in mind while using your gloves

  1. Why Should You Avoid Putting Gloves Into Your Kit Directly?

It is a critical point to keep in mind. During play, your gloves’ inside might become moist. Even with inners, moisture can leak into your gloves (though not as much as without them), so make sure they’re scorched before putting them in your kit. When placed immediately in the kit after use, they may not have time to dry appropriately, resulting in leather damage or mold growth. You don’t want your gloves to become stiff and inconvenient to use!

  1. Why to Clean It Regularly?

The grip on the gloves is essential. Dirt and friction from the batting grip might harm the gloves; therefore, washing them regularly (every week or two) is a fabulous way to keep them in good shape. You should avoid applying any liquid or oil-based cleaner as they might ruin the leather. Brushing the surface of your batting grip with a soft brush is the best and most effective approach to remove any dirt or residue.

Wrapping Up!

Batting is all about focus. Having the most appropriate gloves helps the player play his/her game well. It is very important to have maximum protection while playing cricket. Players should always choose the best option available without compromising the quality of the protection gears. While playing, the ANGLAR gloves will give you adequate protection and grip. Visit our website and shop for batting gloves. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!