Cricket is the world’s most loved game. People love watching the game, playing the game, and talking about the game. Every day, cricket is seen more than it used to be in recent history. Virat Kohli is no less popular than his ground-breaking career. His popularity keeps increasing because of his charming persona and excellent performances on the field.

When Virat Kohli comes to the field, he just does something outstanding with his bat. He is a top class batsman who has made a name for himself in all three game formats. He is perhaps the most successful batsman in world cricket. Virat Kohli has been one of the few bright spots for an Indian side that struggled initially under MS Dhoni. 

Let’s look at his most memorable knocks against Pakistan in T20Is and see what made them exceptional.

Knock 1: T20 World Cup 2012 By 78* Runs

In the T20 world cup’s first meeting between India and Pakistan, young Kohli played outstanding innings to guide India to a successful chase of 129 runs. Despite being small, Kohli scored 78 runs in just 61 deliveries.

No doubt the other batters also made significant contributions, but Kohli’s efforts were the centre of the entire chase. From that point on, it was all Virat Kohli, and in the 17th over, India was able to secure the victory.

Knock 2: T20 World Cup 2016 55* Runs

 Due to the skill of their new-ball bowlers, the Pakistani bowlers can win the game even when the totals are slightly below par. Mohammed Amir’s opening during the 2016 T20 World Cup destroyed the Indian top order. India unexpectedly found itself in trouble as the circumstances seemed to favour the new bowlers.

However, Kohli held one end to perfection, much like his natural gameplay. Since India’s aim was only 118 runs, the batsman didn’t have to step up his game as the game continued. The 34-year-old Virat Kohli concluded the game by thanking Sachin Tendulkar. He warmly praised the Indian batsman from the stands with his signature salute.

Knock 3: Asia Cup 2016 By 49 Runs

Pakistan continued the pattern of making the most of their bowling resources, and the local rivals made sure MS Dhoni’s team faced a challenging battle. Even when they were chasing 84 runs in the 2016 Asia Cup.

While Suresh Raina could only add one run to the team’s total, Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma were sent back without scoring. To achieve a safe 49 on a challenging surface, Kohli patiently awaited the storm that Amir and Mohammed Sami were causing. In a critical 68-run partnership with Yuvraj Singh, he contributed mainly to India’s victory in this match.

Rohit Sharma thanked Virat Kohli for being a terrific cricketer and wished him good luck for his T20 World Cup campaign. He said, “Virat has been an integral part of the Indian team, from the Test side to one-day cricket to T20s, and he is an outstanding cricketer. “I am sure he will also be a key performer in this upcoming World Cup.”

Knock 4: Asia Cup 2022 By 60 Runs

Before the current Asia Cup 2022, Kohli had never experienced depression as serious as the one he was experiencing. There were proposals to remove him from the T20I squad, but after three successive innings of outstanding worth and significance, he has confirmed his position in the team. His 60-run innings wasn’t the most fluid of his career. But they undoubtedly contributed to India’s successful recovery from a setback in the middle overs.

He provided the perfect foundation for the innings and reached his half-century with a magnificent six over midwicket. By raising expectations, he would gradually return to his natural rhythm as he showed his presence of mind to his fans. The 60-run knock by Virat Kohli in the T20I against Pakistan ensured India maintained their rhythm. Indian fans have encouraged Kohli’s performance against their bitter enemies despite losing the match. After all, India’s hopes of winning the upcoming T20 World Cup depend greatly on his recent performance.

Final Verdict!

Virat Kohli has been a great all-format batsman produced by the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli’s performance against Pakistan was the reason for India’s victory. His exceptional knocks have shown that he is a valuable cricketer for any team he plays for. 

Despite his young age, many of Virat Kohli’s teammates and fans consider him one of the best batters in the world.

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