CrossFire Kitbag

Whether you are a professional cricket player or have just started your cricket training, the very first thing that you need to play this game at a professional level is a “Cricket Kit.” But players often get confused while selecting the items for their cricket kit. Many even question whether they should buy cricket equipment separately or prefer a branded cricket kit containing bat, gloves, pads, ball, and other gears of a single brand. Sometimes it gets difficult to decide. This forces players to look over catalogs and find the right item that suits both their game style and physical frame. If this is the case with you, don’t worry. We are here to help you!

In this blog, we have discussed a few essentials you will need to search for to complete your cricket kit bag. We will also help you answer some of your questions related to the kitbag.   

Batting Pads: Batting pads are essential to this game and an important part of any cricket kit bag. Cricket pads are used while batting as they protect your legs from knee to your ankle. However, it also covers a specific part of your leg, even above your knee on your thigh. While choosing suitable batting pads, you must ensure that your knee is lined upright in the middle of the knee roll, and pads should not get in the way of your hands when you are in a batting posture. Choosing the right kind of batting pads is important otherwise, they will get in the way and become a burden for you while running and playing strokes. Inappropriate-sized pads will not be effective in giving you complete protection as your batting pads will not position correctly.

You can check ANGLAR’s –

  • Signature Batting Pads
  • Subtle batting pads

Both of them offer deep knee protection and boost your confidence during the game. Keep them in your Anglar Crossfire Kit Bag.

Batting Gloves: A pair of batting gloves is another essential gear that should be there in any cricket kit bag. Gloves protect your fingers and knuckles from injury during the game. Always look for gloves with proper cushioning using high-quality material for extreme protection and unparalleled impact absorption, especially frontal fingers.

ANGLAR has three unique options in batting gloves –

  • Arcadian
  • Inertia Sausage
  • Inertia

We have different options for glove selection for all types of batters, keeping in mind the protection of vulnerable frontal fingers which should be covered while holding the bat. Moreover, a good fit and grip is also important to look for while getting a pair of batting gloves.

Cricket Bat: A cricket bat is an essential piece of equipment to play the game. No doubt you must have the necessary skills to play good shots, but you would definitely need a high-quality cricket bat to excel in your performance. No cricket kit is complete without a good cricket bat. ANGLAR has a variety of cricket bats to offer to professional players as well as cricket enthusiasts. These include:

  • Reserve Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Dark Edition
  • Hitter Edition
  • The Elegant
  • The Dynamic
  • The Striker

Our cricket bats are some of the best English willow bats that money can buy. They have been designed to offer light pickup, incredible balance and outstanding punch when you hit the ball. There is nothing that you won’t like about any of our bats. All ANGLAR cricket bats are engineered to perform well. Each bat is crafted as per international standards such that you can give an international performance. ANGLAR also provides its customers with options to customise their cricket bat according to their requirements. A customised cricket bat is a better option if you are planning to get your next bat. 

Thigh Guard: A thigh guard, also known as a thigh protector, is a protective gear that should be there in your cricket kit bag. It is worn inside the clothes around your thigh area to protect your thigh while batting. When facing a fast bowler, wearing a thigh guard is essential as it  will prevent any injury on the pelvis area if you miss hitting the ball. It is better to go for a thigh pad combo which includes an outer and an inner thigh pad that provides an all round protection for your thigh area.

Helmet: A helmet is another essential protective gear that protects your head from short-pitched delivery. It is also crucial for fielders fielding close to the batsman. Wicketkeeper also needs to wear a helmet. Your kitbag must have a helmet, but it should be compliant with the British standards as mentioned by the ICC – International Cricket Council.

Kit Bag: A good kitbag is required to carry all your cricketing stuff around easily. Apart from bats, gloves, and pads, you can buy Anglar Kitbag – CrossFire. It is a modern age cricket kitbag with top of the line quality and class. It is a kitbag ideal for both wicketkeeper batsman as it is huge in size such that you can easily keep all your cricket equipment. You can carry helmets, batting pads, cricket bats, wicket-keeping pads, thigh pads, and much more. The main zipper is big enough to accommodate all cricket equipment inside the kit. Huge side pockets on each side have room for pads, thigh pads, or clothes. You can always use them at your convenience. It also has a thermo regulated pocket to keep your consumables cool and fresh. There is so much more you should know about CrossFire kit bags. Visit our website to learn more about this product.