Cricket is a sport generally regarded as a gentleman’s game. Nonetheless, it never achieved the same level of popularity as other sports, such as football and rugby worldwide. This hampered the inclusion of more countries in the sphere of ICC. 

The good news is that the popularity of Cricket has been on the rise in recent decades, and a significant part of the credit for this boost goes to the introduction of T20 cricket.

What Is T20?

T20 cricket, often known as Twenty20 Cricket, is a condensed version of the game in which each of the two sides only gets one inning, and that innings can only go on for a maximum of 20 overs. 

It was implemented 15 years ago and revitalised many people’s sporting experiences. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) initiated the practice in 2003 for the inter-county tournament, considered the highest sports level.

The following are a few of the reasons why its introduction is proven to be so widespread at the moment:

Shorter Format

To begin, a Twenty20 match is significantly shorter than a classic test match, which may appeal to spectators who feel that traditional Cricket matches last too long. The actual play of Cricket may be tremendously thrilling, but retaining this intensity over multiple days cannot be easy. 

This is one of the primary criticisms levelled against Cricket. The T20 game is played over a shorter period, making it simpler for individuals to learn how to play, and there is a greater emphasis on scoring runs than in other types of Cricket.

Each inning of a Twenty20 game typically lasts approximately 90 minutes, and there is an official break of 10 minutes between each set of innings. 

This allows the game to be finished in roughly three hours. This is significantly less time than a typical cricket match and comparable to the length of time spent playing other popular mainstream team sports.

Since it was first introduced, Twenty20 matches have been a massive draw for fans and watchers of the competition on television.

Appeals To Youth

In continuation of this point, the game’s shorter duration and emphasis on hitting make it especially appealing to youngsters. Attendance at these competitions may be a wonderful experience for the whole family. 

It is also simpler for children to begin playing, and they can get Cricket kit online and all other necessary gear from professional cricket equipment manufacturers. 

Tournaments Around the World

Numerous high-profile and spectacular T20 tournaments are hosted worldwide, making them popular spectator events. 

Big Bash, IPL, and T20 blast are some of the most noteworthy competitions. Many big-name players amaze the crowd with their skill, whether amazing shots out of the ground or dramatic catches on the boundary performed by the fielders.

Because of how well the game has grown around the cricketing globe, most international tours now include at least one Twenty20 match, and all nations that play the Test match format have their local T20 cup tournament.

Entertaining Game

Compared to ODIs, where there are mid-overs and players tend to play defensively, T20 matches are fast-paced. One excellent over may affect the entire game. Thus, batters are always attempting to strike the ball. 

It results in an interesting, fast-paced game, which is one of the reasons T20’s popularity continues to rise. Also engaging are the breaks, which feature music and cheerleaders encouraging the players.


It began as a game but has now evolved into a serious and professional discipline. It has gained devoted supporters, and the players’ enthusiasm and athleticism have not disappointed. This has expanded the game’s appeal and brought it to new heights even in some non-cricket playing countries. If your children want to start playing Cricket and want to try their hands in the shortest format of the game, then you should invest in the best bat for hitting. These bats can be customised according to the player’s needs and playing style.

4’s and 6’s

Watching the batter hit the ball out of the boundary is one of the great pleasures of Cricket. As batters aim to outdo one another, there are many big-shot attempts in Twenty20. This keeps the spectators on their feet and increases their adrenaline as they wait to see the big hit or catch.

The T20 cricket format has been increasing in popularity as it continues to expand. Due to its shorter format, it is simple to attract new fans. All indicators indicate that the game’s popularity will continue to rise. Shortly, it is even feasible to make its way to the Olympics.

Wrapping Up!

Cricket has been made far more enjoyable for spectators and is now a lot easier to get into, thanks to the Twenty20 format. T20 is currently the most popular version of the game, and it is easy to understand why there is so much drama and excitement packed into just 40 overs. 

There are still die-hard fans who love the lengthier formats of the game, but T20 has become the most popular format overall. Cricket is a fantastic sport, and it is encouraging to see a growing number of young people participating in the game and taking an interest in the professional leagues, whether they do so by attending a game in person or watching it on television.