Changing the grip, even in the best cricket bat, is necessary but is largely ignored by many players. Using an outdated and torn grip might be uncomfortable and hurt your game. As a result, players of all skill levels must be able to put on a new cricket bat grip. 

Professional athletes and cricket business owners use grip cones to grip the bat. 

Why Should The Cricket Bat Grip Be Replaced?

The grip on your bat handle should be changed for several reasons, as batting with a shabby, worn-out grip can lead to issues because it makes it uncomfortable, if not difficult, to manage your bat and perform great strokes with it.

Grips provide a firm hold on the handle of the bat and give confidence to swing the bat freely. The thickness of the grips impacts the pickup and balance of the bat significantly. People also put multiple grips on the handle to get a proper fit for their palm.

Let us check out the steps to grip the bat for a perfect game:

Step First:

Select the proper grip for your bat. The different types are-

  1. Chevron Grips: Although they are pretty simple, Chevron grips have proven to be very useful. They are thin rubber bat grips that provide a secure grip on the bat. It works best on bats with relatively thicker handles since it makes it easier for the batter to hold and play his shots rather than making the handle appear thicker. Make careful you purchase a Chevron Grip from a reputable manufacturer if you intend to use one. If not, the thin rubber grips will quickly deteriorate and need to be periodically replaced.
  2. Dynamite Grips: The medium thickness category of a bat grip currently offers several options, and using the medium grip in the future has several benefits. As a result, the bat appears lighter. For gamers, the Dynamite grip in medium thickness is a great alternative. It is constructed as a half-and-half combination, with the ring-style grip on one half and the chevron-style grip on the other. The dynamite grip provides more padding for your bottom hand because it is thicker. With this grip, you can hold the bat for hours while feeling more comfortable and making your bat appear lighter.
  3. Octopus Grips: The available thicker rubber grips, also called Octopus grips, are made of thicker rubber and provide the players with the most significant level of durability.The octopus grip has little auction like cups all over it which provides unmatched grip and hold. The essential factor to consider while buying a grip is that it is not overly stiff since this could result in repetitive strain injury from a heavy training load and play.

Step Second:

Take off the existing grip, which is much simpler than applying a new grip. Although it’s probably unnecessary, you can keep the rubber intact and roll it up from the bottom to remove it. Since worn-out grips may be easily split apart by breaking them apart, this is pretty straightforward. The handle will be left behind, still covered in twine and prepared for you to begin attaching your new grip.

Step Third: Play Cricket Grip On The Handle

Using a cone or grip applicator, a simple piece of equipment, is one of the easiest ways to change your grip. Typically, they are made of wood, with a metal base at the bottom. Lay your hold over the pointed end of the cone and roll it up from the fat back to the pointy end to start. When you reach this point, take the grip off the cone and turn it over so the issue is on top of the unrolled end. Roll the grip to the base of the cone after that. Take your bat and begin to encircle the handle’s back with the open end of the cone, which serves as the grip. The grip should now be unfolded by rolling it upward.

Step Fourth: Apply Cricket Bat Handle Tape

Whatever technique you choose, make sure you tape the grip’s base to the bat around the splice. It keeps your bat looking tidy as you use it and stops the clasp from sliding back up the handle. You can apply electrical wire tape or specially designed bat grip tape. As long as the grip is firmly in place and you’re satisfied with how it looks, it doesn’t matter how you apply it.


There are many methods that you can choose to grip your bat. It is very important to feel comfortable and confident while swinging the bat. So a good bat grip is very essential for players who are very sensitive to the balance and pickup of the bat. So choose wisely and get to the field with renewed confidence and ease, ready to play incredible shots and make a lot of runs.

The worthy investment you can make in bat maintenance is purchasing a bat grip cone if you plan to play a lot of cricket, especially at a semi-professional level. Take good care of it, and always have a spare on hand. You can also buy premium cricket clothing for comfortable sessions on the field.