The Indian Premier League 2022 is now a hot topic of discussion in sports as the auction for the players gets concluded. The youngsters who have performed well in the previous season of the IPL and the whole year in international or in-home matches have received appreciation for the hard work in the form of the hike in their fees.

As one looks at the prices offered to players by different teams, you can see huge differences between the base price and the amounts sold. We have examples like Ishan Kishan is the most expensive buy in the season with an amount of 15.25 crores, followed by Deepak Chahar at 14 crores for Chennai Super Kings, and there are more names like Shreyas Iyer, Shardul Thakur, and Harshal Patel. These youngsters are enough to inspire India’s youth who dream of being a part of the tournament and finally playing with the best cricketers in the world. 

Not only this, if you have a look at the list, many players have been given a chance to be a part of the team, and if luck favors, they might also get to be a part of the playing squad. These players have reached this position only because they are backed by the immense hard work that they have put in. But with this, one also needs to practice with the best professional-grade equipment. Superior quality cricket equipment will enhance your chance of giving top performance every time you hit the field. You can buy cricket bats, thigh pads, gloves, and cricket pads online.

Knowing Your Game Style And Level

Are you a beginner or someone who has just entered the professional tournaments, or are you representing your state in the national level matches such as the Ranji Trophies or the Vijay Hazare Trophy? This question is important because you sometimes need to invest a significant amount and get the best products. As the competition is rising in professional cricket around the world, it is very important to give your best in every match so that you can make it to the national team. Good quality gear will help you perform at your peak in crucial matches. So, now, if you play at the state and national level then you should invest in good and professional cricket equipment which will contribute to your performance positively. 

Selection Of Bat

If you buy a bat, you need to ensure that you are comfortable holding and moving the bat.  Once you know which bats you are satisfied with, you can get to the technicalities. You should also have a precise idea about your batting style, position, format, etc. to decide about the specifications of the bat that suits you. You can also have a preference for round or oval-shaped handles depending upon the shots you play. But remember that the most important thing is comfort. You may also want to know the best bat profiles for T-20 matches or one day or test. Small and intricate changes to your bat profile, shape, size, handle, etc. can significantly improve your game. You should have a good sense of your batting requirements so that you can use a bat that you are comfortable with, and its technical aspects should meet your requirements. Going for customized bats instead of pre-made bats can help you make changes to your bat to suit your style of play.

Selection Of Protective Gears

Pads, gloves, and thigh pads protect you from injuries. Make sure you don’t feel uneasy with the equipment. The upper layer should be capable enough to protect you, and the inner layer should be soft and breathable, and of good quality. Comfort and fit are also important factors to keep in mind. Always go for gears that do not hinder your movements and provide you the freedom to perform actions. Now, if you are planning to buy cricket gear online, you must go for professional cricket gear and get equipment as per your comfort and fit.



Right cricket equipment plays an integral role in the success of a player. You need to invest in quality cricket bats and gear so that you can give your best every time you enter the ground. 

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