The Indian cricket team doesn’t seem to fall back in any way, be it any team they face. After the unfortunate losses in the T-20 world cup, they don’t seem to have any intentions to be soft in any game. And under the aggressive and excellent leadership of Rohit Sharma, the young lads are also putting their best efforts to regain and sustain their position in the globe. And this has also filled the Indian cricket fans with confidence about the upcoming generations and representatives of the country. But we also have players in the country who would be part of the national teams in the future, and they need consistency in training and performances. One needs to clarify even the most minor issues in the forms and technicalities. And for this, you need the perfect equipment and, most preferably, the bat, which would help you score runs for your team. So when a batter gets a new bat, he hopes to have a good inning with it. And if you have got your players grade English willow bat and you also need to make sure if it’s in the ready-to-play condition or not. Preferably if a bat is not knocked correctly, then there are chances of the lousy cracking in the very initial shots only. 

Why Is Knocking So Important?

Knocking helps us compress and harden the fibres of the english willow, and it thus lets us have perfect shots in the game. Usually, the piece of wood used to make the bat is soft, so the edges are sometimes prone to get damaged, and thus, knocking is a compulsion if you want to enhance the quality of your shots and wish your weapon to have a long life.

The Guide To Knock The Bat In The Correct Manner

The first thing that has to be done to the bat is an appropriate amount of oiling on the face of the bat. Do not oil the handle and the labelled area, which might affect the joint. And also, make sure that excess oiling makes the wood excessively moisturised, and thus the performance is degraded. The oiling of the bat is done to hold the grains of the bat together to save it from damage without degrading the quality of shots. So before we get into the actual knocking part, we need to wipe out all the extra oil and then make sure the bat is dry.

The next step is to hit the unlabeled areas with a mallet so that minor dents are created on the bat, which shows that the bat is getting compressed and hardened, but it should not be too hard which might damage the bat. Make sure to also knock at the edges, which often get in contact with balls. And as you are hitting the edges, make sure that the head of your mallet doesn’t hit the edges directly. Use the angles with which the ball will be hitting the edges.

The third step would be to use a ball mallet and hit it with an intensity similar to small shots. Or you could even hit some actual small shots, and your bat is ready to set fire.

How To Know If The Bat Is Knocked Properly?

Confirmation is essential before you land on the ground for a match or practice session. This can be done by playing a few shots and then seeing any dents. If not, then you are ready to go. Usage of anti-scuff sheets or fibre edge tape is also advised.


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