The Indian Premier League-2022 has started with extreme enthusiasm and will be held at four venues in two different cities in Maharashtra. These include Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne Stadium and DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai, and MCA stadium in Pune. All the Mumbai grounds have red soil pitches, and the one in Pune is a black soil pitch. There is a difference in the texture, moisture, and cracks on the rise, which alter the behavioural patterns of the pitch. The pitch uncertainty also affects the game situations amid matches. Let’s find out how!

How Does Pitch Make A Difference?

The pitch texture is crucial because the bounce and turn depends highly on the turf, and based on this, you can also decide if it is a bowling or a batting pitch. A pitch that provides a decent bounce is said to be the pitch of the batters and the fast bowlers; on the other hand, a pitch that gets worn tends to offer the privilege to the spinners. The moisture on the pitch often makes a batters pitch because it acts as an obstruction in turning the balls to a great extent.

Why Does The Soil Of The Pitch Matter?

Soil contents, preferably sand and clay, are said to make the difference. The Red soils are said to have less clay, and thus they have less water absorption capabilities and elasticity which lets them dry faster than the other pitches and further provides bounce to the ball. The pitch also offers more wear and tear. All the pitches in the Mumbai grounds are made of red soil. 

The pitch at MCA Stadium Pune is made of Black Soil, and it has high clay content, thus offering a better absorption capability and minimal wear and tear. It can be a good pitch for the spinners to some extent.

Understanding Pitches Of The Four IPL Venues

An ideal pitch should have about 50% clay content, and sand should not be more than 5%. Any change in the ratio could alter situations in the game.

First, let’s talk about the pitches in Mumbai. These would benefit the fast bowlers in the initial overs and are suitable for spinners in the mid and later overs. These would act as ideal pitches that would help both teams in different aspects. 

Whereas the pitch at Pune could be good for the spinners, it is countered due to the small length of the boundary edges, thus benefiting the batters. 

Concerned About The Overuse Of Pitches And The Dew? Let’s Understand The Solution!

All these stadiums have 4-5 pitches, and thus there should not be a repetition of the pitches. So, each pitch would get enough time to sustain the quality and the freshness. After the sunset, dew on the ground can cause many problems for the bowling sides in the second innings. Players won’t face any problems due to the overuse of pitches or any dew. Because in Mumbai, the dew generally kicks in only after nine at night, and the pitches are mostly made of black soil from Pakistan. These pitches result in a low bounce and turn of the balls as they are flat, affecting the bowlers’ performance.

Experts say that because the pitches have not been used for the last two years of the pandemic, they tend to offer an advantage to the players. The freshness is expected to be sustained for longer times.

Closing The Discussion!

Understanding the grounds is vital to making the right strategy. Also, you need immense and proper practice to perform well in the matches. But for precision, you also need to have the best equipment that enhances your performance during the games. 

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