When discussing cricket and Indians, everyone must agree that they have an emotional connection with the game. People follow this game to an extent where they are watching the match on mobile phones even when they are at work, and if not watching, they at least don’t refrain from following the scores. People are so connected that they even start playing games in their living rooms. As this is the extent to which the game has made a place in the people’s hearts, there are millions amongst the youth who want to represent the nation in the game. 

Everyone is aware of how tough the affair is and thus, what one needs is dedication and hard work towards the game. Many are just a part of cricket because of its popularity and glamour. Regardless of your reason behind joining the cricket, you must get professional cricket equipment to play your game safely and effectively. Let’s learn something that might help you plan your game. 

The Shots And The Deliveries

Defence The front foot defence in which the bat is placed at a certain angle with the view to restrict the ball from reaching the stumps and going directly to the hands of the man nearby. The shot is played for the balls in good length and is attacking the stumps. 

The next one is the back foot defence, where people just put most of their weight on the back foot and hold the bat in a vertical position with a slight angle to make the ball drop on the ground as it touches the bat. This shot is played for the short balls, which come in height more than the waist.

Drives – These shots help us score boundaries if we are focused and can direct the balls in the gaps. The bat generally is held in a vertical position, and the ball is hit after a step of the front foot to provide momentum to the shot. These drives are of various types, such as straight drive, on drive, square drive and cover drive. Deliveries on the middle or off stumps are driven at different fields.

Leg Glance – When a ball is deflected towards the square leg with a straight back and some wrist movements, the shot is known as the leg glance.

Sweep – These shots are played against good, or full-length balls pitched on the leg or middle stumps and are thus played in the direction of the fine leg.

Cut shots – This involves the deflection of the ball with just its pace. These shots are played against short balls. These shots are generally played on the back foot.

Hook Shots – The hook shots are played with the balls on the leg side and in line of the stumps. The balls in these cases are generally received at the shoulder levels.

Understanding The Equipment

Players have specialties with shots which helps them score runs on the field. We know about the drives of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, which have fetched them with so much success on the fields, and they have got so many centuries entitled to their names. And reaching this position demands ample practice, which enhances your game and makes you one in a million to create an impression in the selectors’ minds. Getting the perfect equipment that would help improve your performance is as important as training. They should not even put the slightest bit of obstruction to your game. 

Providing You With The Best Equipment

We, at Anglar, provide you with everything to fulfil your cricketing needs, which can be customised according to your needs so that your performance improves and you play your game effortlessly. You have choices for the shape of the handle(round or oval), the position of the sweet spot, the width of the spine, the form of the toes, the weight of the bats, and even the sizes. We are the best custom cricket bat makers, and with this, you can also buy equipment such as leg and thigh pads, three-cut gloves, and kit bags. We offer you the best quality sportswear designed for intense sessions on the field.

To sum it up!

Everyone stands on the pitch with a dream of being a part of the national team and then take it to victories. But not everyone gets to be in that position. People fail to understand the importance of technicalities with equipment and hard physical work. A player also needs the correct understanding of his/her gameplay to get the game in all aspects with dedication. We deliver the best quality cricket equipment worldwide. Do check our website for more information and have a blast on the ground with Anglar.