Dark Edition

Dark Edition


Dark Edition – Players Grade English Willow Bat

Dark Edition by ANGLAR is one of the best English Willow bats. It is ideal for players who love to boost their shots even more. If you are the one who just cares about nothing else but perfection and looking for players grade English willow bat, then this is the one – Dark Edition. This bat has a perfect combination of grains and balance that makes it a true Players Grade bat. ANGLAR should be the ideal destination for your next bat purchase as we offer unrivaled bat selection, worldwide delivery, and value for your money.

Perfect bat For Incredible Strokes

Our dark edition is a true players grade English willow bat that offers incredible pickup and incredible stroke. All you need to give this bat is your shot timing & you will see the magic it creates. You will definitely love the sound this bat produces when it hits the ball. The punch it delivers, the stability it provides are all extraordinary. Our comprehensive range of cricket bats is unmatchable, and we have something for everyone.


One of the best English Willow, perfect for those who love to enhance their shots even more, for those who care about nothing else but perfection.
You will love the sound this bat produces when it touches the ball. The punch it generates, the stability it provides are all very impressive.

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Dark Edition
Dark Edition


Incredible stroke and incredible pickup, the only thing this bat needs is your shot timing.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We manufacture a new bat right from the scratch for all our customers according to their requirements, this allows us and our customers to customise the bat completely.

The Limited Edition bat generally has 7-9 grains.

Players Grade. It is also known as Grade 1+.

In case you want further customisation, like you want to copy the shape of your old bat, you can contact us and we will customise the bat the way you want.