Every individual has specific capabilities that allow them to tackle problems and affairs in particular ways. Because of this reason, we see differences in the technicalities on which batters depend for delivering some great knocks. These technicalities include their postures, the shots they play, and their primary equipment specifications. It takes an immense amount of practice to achieve perfection  as a batsmen, but you should know the aspects based on which you select your bats. If you plan to buy cricket bats online, this blog is for you. We’ll be discussing the pros and cons of lightweight bats and vice-versa.

Describing The Light Bats

The light bats are used by many legendary players of the modern age. Because they have been consistent for quite some time, many budding cricketers have started to copy the weights and specifications of their bats but fail to make a difference. Well, you can find a huge question mark. If you have already started searching for the top bat manufacturing companies in India, wait before we get you some facts that can help you select the best bats based on the demands of your game and your body. 

Light bats benefit you in many ways. The first benefit is that you can wave the bat for your desired shots with minimal effort and still fetch great results. These bats would save you from getting tired quickly and thus help sustain the endurance as you are on the pitch. 

Lightweight bats are also helpful if you are trying to create or develop some shots, as the efforts you will have to put in are minimal. It will result in better mobility of the forearms. 

This also helps to play aggressive innings if the aim is to build or chase a bigger total. Most of the players in this generation tend to use these bats, and one of the best examples is Virat Kohli.

Getting To Know The Heavy Bats

The cricket matches these days are mostly dominated by the batsmen. That’s why we now witness huge targets being set and achieved in almost every game. But there are only a few batters who use the heavy bats. These players were the best of their time. Some of them have either retired or are on the verge of retirement. 

The heavy bats benefit while you are playing some bigger shots, which mostly are timed only with the view of getting the ball to reach the other side of the boundaries. These have broader spines and let you have a deeper sweet spot. Heavyweight bats are a great option if you need a more significant score and have very few balls to face. 

A heavyweight bat is used by one of the most prominent finishers in the world, MS Dhoni, and also by the man known as the ‘God of Cricket,’ Sachin Tendulkar.

No Bat Is Perfect!

Any human being or object that they created is not perfect. They have their limitations or set of mistakes that they perform sometimes. A light bat doesn’t give you the power to time great shots and thus can’t contribute in the end overs when you generally need to have an enhanced strike rate.

But, what a heavy bat can’t provide you is the facility to explore yourself and try different shots. Further heavy bats also tend to degrade your endurance and speed as you run between the wickets.

So it is very important to get a bat that suits your style and body. Therefore you should always go for a premium customised cricket bat so that you can get a bat that enhances your game. 

Wrapping Up The Discussion!

But it’s not just the bats that decide how the innings would be because the players in our national teams have put in an exceptional amount of hard work that has led them to be a part of the National Cricket teams.  

One needs to practice hard to achieve perfection and precision. This would let players outshine the crowds. The bat could combine and enhance your performance with hard work and thus help you sustain your forms. While selecting your weapon, make sure you choose the best one you can use. Check your capabilities and choose the weight that adds to your batting forms. 

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