The science and research behind the sports industry are increasing significantly. You may be surprised to know that many sports organizations are spending hefty amounts on more scientific research. As a result, players are getting equipment that enhances their performances. 

But here is the catch: The research is not just limited to endurance and fitness. It has spread its wings towards other aspects like clothing, diet, etc. As a result, clothing brands are developing products that suit a wide range of players. You must have noticed that jerseys largely influence people in popular sports events like IPL or T-20. Sometimes it even becomes a staple style of many. And when the sport is cricket, it makes people go gaga for the tournament. 

Clothing plays an important role in this game. Due to extensive physical movement, there is a need for proper clothing. Clothing should be comfortable and flexible. Cricket clothing should be made of fabric that can let players feel free while running or sprinting, and their optimum temperature is maintained. The right apparel helps them to carry out different activities with ease. 

Cricket players and cricket enthusiasts keep a few important things in mind while choosing the right clothes. Let’s find out what they are!

Things To Consider While Choosing The Cricket Apparel 

Fabric type – The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing the right apparel is the suitable fabric. Select a breathable fabric that makes it easy to promote the flow of air throughout the body. The material should not trap moisture. 

Ideally, fabrics like cotton, spandex, or polyester are regarded as good. Wool is the preferable material during winters. Polyester is considered a lightweight fabric and dries quickly as compared to other fabrics. In addition to the fabric type, you must also look for additional features like the collars, shirt side panels, ventilation spots, to name a few. 

Suitable cricket clothing includes a breathable mesh plus several ventilation spots to maintain airflow. 

Functionality & Benefits Of Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

These kinds of fabrics make moisture easily travel from your body to the outside of the clothes. Consequently, it helps keep you dry. Are you wondering why it is so? These fabrics have capillary spaces in them. And capillarity means the ability of the liquid to move through tiny openings.  

In sportswear, wicking occurs at the time when your fabric becomes wet with sweat. Due to the capillary forces, this sweat reaches the exterior of the clothes. As a result, the moisture spreads further across the surface, resulting in faster evaporation and keeping you cool & dry. 

Ease of care – A good apparel should be easy to maintain especially when it is a sportswear.   Moisture-wicking fabrics have unique properties that require less water and detergent while washing them. If you want your material to stay in good condition for a long time, steer clear of using fabric softeners. It will preserve its effectiveness.

Anti microbial –. Playing cricket generally involves sweat and dirt which becomes a breeding ground for many microbes which can cause irritation, itching and sometimes infections. So players look for anti microbial apparels that help keep microbes away and allow them to stay fresh during intense sessions.

Quick-drying – Wearing quick-dry material is very important if you play outdoor sports. It regulates the skin temperature and helps in keeping the body warm. For instance – polyester fabric is the quick-drying fabric. It absorbs just 0.4% of its weight in moisture. As a result, it dries quickly. These fabrics also come with high durability. 

Fit & Style – Although fabric type and properties are a major factor, you cannot keep fitting and looks out of the equation even in sportswear. A good fitting sportswear gives you flexibility and mobility while playing a sport. A sport like cricket involves many actions that requires your apparel to be stretchy and flexible. Also sportswear needs to have modern looks and style factors which helps in boosting the confidence of the player on field.

Here Is Your Cricket Clothing Solution – ANGLAR ORIGINALS

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If you frequently face the problem of sweat and itching while playing cricket, wearing Anglar originals is the solution. Every inch of this fabric is coated with N9 Pure silver. And let us tell you that N9 pure silver is a cutting-edge product that is not only anti-microbial but stays odorless for a longer period of time. 

We don’t compromise with the style and comfort of the clothing. Our range of products has been designed by keeping the modern cricket fit in mind. We insert the mesh in sweaty areas to ensure optimum airflow.  

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