While purchasing a new bat, one considers various factors before investing money. Have you seen a bat marked “Custom Made”? Top Cricket Bat Manufacturers In India, like us, produce custom bats with traditional methods and are “Customised”, especially for you. In this blog we will explore the different techniques of bat making and also know the concept behind customising a cricket bat.

Hand Made vs CNC Made Cricket Bats

However, many companies that market themselves as “handmade” begin their “hand-making” practices after some CNC processes, making their products mass-produced and not uniquely handmade.

Wondering what CNC is? It is an abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control”.This is the automated use of a computer to control machine tools. It implies that CNC machines can carry out numerous operations simultaneously, uniformly treating all clefts, moulding the wood to a rough shape or going one step further. This blog will explain why to invest in a handmade customised bat.

We are not criticising CNC-shaped bats in any way; we at ANGLAR chose to sell only handmade bats from beginning to end. We appreciate the conventional method used by our bat-makers. There is always pride in knowing that the equipment you play with is specially designed for you by the finest bat makers in the traditional way. Tradition and culture have always been close to our hearts. And when it comes to choosing and owning a unique bat designed traditionally by a knowledgeable craftsman, you will not like to lose this deal. It is just like the fantasy stories where they say, “u don’t choose your armour; the armour chooses you”, and it is created as per the need of the batsman. To your surprise, we are running our limited edition products at worthy Discounts; take advantage of some deals here on our website. Click Here!

The prominent issue faced in bat mass-produced is pressing of the cleft: This states that the bat needs to be pressed correctly to be sturdy. Many manufacturers miss out on this, thereby not providing exemplary performance. The pressing process is essential as it helps strengthen the wood fibres within the bat, creating a pretty hard-hitting surface and providing a punchy rebound. Salix alba is one of the softwoods used to make bats, and if it is appropriately pressed, it will give the desired long-lasting performance. The bat will only be durable with proper pressing. On the other hand, when the bats are hand made, every bat is pressed as per the need to make them sturdy and durable for the best performance. As every cleft needs a certain amount of pressing that is unique to that cleft and needs expertise of experienced craftsmen. Handmade bats are processed as per the individual cleft, so some woods may require rigorous pressing.

Finding the ideal balance between pressing too softly, which results in a bat lacking durability, and pressing too firmly, which destroys a bat’s performance, is a crucial aspect of the craft of making bats.

Custom Made Cricket Bats

In recent times, the demand for Custom made cricket bats have risen significantly among the players. So, What are Custom made cricket bats? What is the difference between Pre-made and Custom made cricket bats?

Hand made Cricket bats are mass produced in cricket bat factories and are sent to dealers for sale in physical stores. These are called Pre-made cricket bats. However the main problem with these pre-made bats is that these bats have predefined specifications. These specifications may not suit each and every individual that plans to buy these bats. They are forced to choose between existing stock of the bats which may not suit their requirements. 

On the other hand, Custom made cricket bats are bats that are designed specifically for an individual according to their playing style and preferences. These bats allow players to get a bat that compliments their strength and helps them perform better. Custom made cricket bats allow a player to choose the handle type, handle thickness, handle length, blade length, sweet spot position, profile, shape, edge thickness, weight, toe shape etc and customise it accordingly. 

Let’s check out the advantages of using or buying Custom made bats:

When obtaining the specifications for their bat, some businesses require the customer to visit the store or submit their specifications on their website. This is so that they can account for size, weight, and strength. 

  • A petite player won’t use a 3-pound bat because he will be tiny and have low arm strength, and he would prefer to use a 2-pound, 3-ounce bat. This introduces the section about weight.
  • The categories for bat size are 1 to 6, then harrow (7), short handle, and long handle. Of course, size corresponds to weight, and junior bats are in sizes 1 to harrow, while senior bats come in sizes with short and long handles. 
  • The weight testing allows bat manufacturers to determine the types of shots that are your strongest and weakest. As a result, they can plant additional Willow where the ball would most likely land (the profile). Greater Willow will be added to the bottom of the bat if you enjoy driving the ball and playing on your front foot to give those shots more force.This is called sweet spot positioning.
  • The form of the spine/swell of the bat is the end outcome of this. This is the portion of the bat that protrudes from the back. The size of the swell will increase with the weight and size of the bat. Smaller bats have smaller swell, and vice versa; this increases the amount of Willow available for power and adds or subtracts weight while decreasing power out of the centre. 
  • Custom bats can also have their faces shaped flat or rounded, their edges tapered or straight, their concave (none, minimal, or maximum), and their handle style changed (standard, thin, oval, round). These are all custom-made to your requirement that ;pre-made bats cannot provide that.
  • They can also offer the consumer other options like knocking in, facing/extra-tec (protective screening on the bat), a toe guard, and a bat cover to secure your prized piece of Willow.

Final Verdict!

The fact that professional players prefer Custom made cricket bats than others illustrates why getting one would be worthwhile. So get your cricket kit updated. Check out all the Top Quality Online Cricket Shop before buying the most suitable cricket equipment and kits. Do remember the above details before buying.