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The sports market is flooded with various cricket kits for novices and professionals. Although the big wheelie cricket bag may be the most popular, the cricket duffle bag has overtaken it as the uncontested king of cricket luggage. The conventional kit bags for cricket, rucksacks and huge tour bags provide them with plenty of options.

This cricket bag buying guide will clear your doubts regarding cricket kit bags. When purchasing a cricket bag, the following are the essential considerations :

  1. Sizes
  2. Practicality
  3. Transportation and storage

Sizes Of Cricket Bags

Of course, size is the most critical factor. A large cricket bag is necessary to fit your batting and wicket-keeping gear if you are a wicketkeeper. Similar to how baseball captains need a lot of storage space, cricket captains will likely carry match balls, extra equipment, scorebooks, coaching/fitness tools, and similar items. Additionally, a sizable cricket kit bag will help store your cricket equipment, clothing, and toiletries if you frequently go on a cricket trip.

Given that their required cricket equipment is more significant than their younger colleagues, senior cricketers need a giant cricket bag than the average junior cricketer.

Dimensions do matter when purchasing cricket bags.

  • A huge wheelie cricket bag is at least 90 cm wide, over 40 cm deep, and over 40 cm tall. Similarly, you would anticipate enormous cricket tour luggage at least 90 cm tall.
  • The dimensions of a medium-sized wheelie cricket bag will be roughly 85 cm in width, 38 cm in height, and 38 cm in depth.
  • A vast cricket duffle bag will be about 35 to 40 cm in width and 85 to 90 cm in height.
  • The height of a mid-size duffle bag is about 80 cm, breadth of about 30 cm and a depth of about 35 cm.


When purchasing a cricket equipment bag, utility is equally as vital to consider as size. After all, the main reason you want a cricket bag is that you can quickly and conveniently store and transport your cricket equipment. Cricket huge wheelie bags typically have several pockets and a wide opening to dig through them quickly, whereas duffle bags let you sling them over your shoulder.

Transportation And Storage

Which Cricket bag is fit for me? The storage capacity of the bags should be such that one can accommodate gloves, pads, equipment and other accessories. There is no simple solution to that issue because it depends entirely on the individual’s preferences. However, the following details will enable you to respond to the query independently.

  • Cricket Wheelie Bags: The wheeled cricket bag is the most popular option because it is simple to move around on the level ground and relieves weight from your shoulders. Wheelie bags can be trickier to pick up and carry than duffle bags, especially if your dressing room is upstairs. For added functionality, some cricket wheelie bags may have a pull handle. These bags, also referred to as “wheelies,” are frequently rather significant and have a large aperture to allow you to move around the interior of your bag pretty effortlessly.
  • Duffle Bags for cricket: Due to certain cricketers’ preference for an over-the-shoulder bag over the more conventional wheelie bag during the past several seasons, duffle bags designed for cricketers have become increasingly popular. These are extremely useful for training, particularly if you bring only some match-day gear. The cricket duffle bag offers a modern alternative, and some stand-up duffle bags are similar to stand-up wheelie bags if you own a lot of cricket equipment. However, if you own a lot of cricket equipment, you may be better off with a wheelie because you won’t want to put all that weight on your shoulders. The duffel bag’s distinctive shoulder straps make it easy to carry upstairs.
  • Cricket Rucksack: A classic choice for casual players or those who don’t have a lot of cricket equipment is a rucksack. They are also a good alternative for juniors accustomed to carrying a backpack to class.
  • Large cricket bags and tour bags typically resemble a classic wheelie with a pull-handle option. They come with multiple pockets and are large enough to hold a lot of cricket equipment, clothing, and accessories. Despite their size, cricket tour luggage should fit into most car trunks, but if you drive a compact vehicle, it may be wise to measure first. Tour bags often include pockets, a stand-up shape, and wheels on the bottom.

Though cricket is a game of skills, the player cannot ignore using quality cricket equipment. One must make sure they buy the best quality bats, cricket clothing, pads, kit bags, gloves, etc., from a trustworthy source.