Anglar Killer Edition

The Fusion of Engineering & Artistry

Every stroke is a masterpiece. Handcrafted from the finest English Willow, sourced from our top 0.5% clefts, we would be lying if we said we have tons of Killer Edition bat in our stock

Defy Norms. Dare Dreams.

Precision Crafted Power

The Mark of Cricketing Excellence

Discover the Anglar Killer Edition Cricket Bat, where expert craftsmanship meets our borderline crazy passion to redefine your cricketing experience. Carefully crafted and engineered, this bat screams top-notch quality and performance

Push Boundaries. Rewrite Records.

Killer Stroke.
Killer Confidence.

The Perfect Swing of Dominance

Let us show you what real stroke and power of the bat feels like. Every Killer Edition bat is pressed heavily at least thrice and will come fully oiled and knocked to give you the taste of dominance

Strength Unleashed. Unbeatable Power.




Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Killer Edition is our top level professional English Willow bat, made only from our handpicked top grade clefts. These willows are pretty rare and the stocks are always limited.

Absolutely, you can choose the willow before or after placing the order for Killer Edition. Just contact us and let our experts know that you want to choose your cleft.

We manufacture a new bat right from the scratch for all our customers according to their requirements, this allows us and our customers to customise the bat completely.

The Killer Edition bat guarantees grains between 9-15.

Killer Edition is sourced from out top 0.5% clefts. It is the highest and finest English Willow grade.

In case you want further customisation, like you want to copy the shape of your old bat, you can contact us and we will customise the bat the way you want.