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Cricket has millions of fans all across the world. And why wouldn’t they be; the game is a challenging sport. It tests players on various fronts, from physical fitness to concentration. But is that all a cricket player needs? 

Probably not!

Have you seen a soldier going to war without his best arsenal? Then, how can we expect a cricket player to deliver his best game without his best equipment? A cricketer doesn’t need a gun but a premium cricket kit to beat the opponent team with a good batting score.

But how to decide which cricket kit is best?

We are here to share some tips with all our cricket lovers and players.

Why Is Investing In A Quality Cricket Kit Essential?

Cricket is a popular game among youngsters, and its popularity has risen since the T20   leagues. The game is a complete case of a physical task that tests the presence of mind and thinking ability of a player. Because when a batter is on the pitch, they must know which ball needs to be dealt in which way. Yes, the ball may not always end up on or beyond the boundary line, but making the judgement requires skill, patience, quick decision-making, and a set of quality cricket kits. 

A good cricket kit is essential for every cricketer as it helps a player to play with their full potential during a match. Therefore, one should invest in a high-quality kit and allocate a reasonable budget while purchasing a cricket kit. 

Tips For Buying Necessary Equipment In A Cricket Kit

Cricketers rely upon their kits for playing, whether in an actual match or another practice session. When buying a complete cricket kit, one should keep note of their height, weight, and torso. A Cricket kit will comprise all the essential equipment a player needs to minimise the scope of any injury.

Below is a guide about essential equipment you may need while playing cricket, along with some buying tips.


In 2014 International Cricket Council made helmets mandatory for batters. The point here is that cricket still doesn’t require head-to-head combat, but some fast deliveries can become a reason for a head injury while playing. This announcement was made after Phil Hughes’s (an Australian Cricketer) death. Hence, investing in a quality helmet that fits you properly is highly crucial. The helmet must fit you exactly above your eyebrows and ears, covering the bump below your head. For better support, buy a helmet with a strong front grill and sufficient internal padding for more protection.

Arm And Leg Guards

During a cricket match, mainly leather balls are used. Therefore, an instance can happen where a player’s knees or lower legs can suffer from injury. Wearing leg guards can protect your knees, including lower legs, from the impact of a fast-coming leather ball. When you buy leg guards, be sure about the size, as the large ones will be a hurdle while running, and small ones will not serve the purpose.

Though arm guards are not used by many nowadays, they protect your arms from a fastball attack or while diving for singles on a rough patch. So, wearing arm guards are always advisable.

Abdo Guard

Abdo box or guard protects the groyne region and is a must for batters and fielders who field close to the batters. As players must wear an Abdo guard for a long time, ensure the guard feels comfortable and remains stable throughout the game.


If you have just begun playing cricket, a chest guard is necessary. However, professional players do not use them, as they limit movement. Still, you can wear it if you fear being hit by the ball in the beginning.

Thigh Guard

Another piece of cricket equipment that a cricketer needs is a thigh guard. These guards will protect your thighs from injury. When buying a thigh pad, opt for one made with fibre reinforced outer layer and  premium soft material on the inner layer.


Gloves are a must-have gear as they protect your hands and wrist from sprain and other injuries. They also help you have a firm hold over cricket bats. It also provides a tighter grip and allows shock absorption when a player picks the shots.

When you buy a glove, decide the size properly. If you want an easy movement of fingers, buy a pair of multi-flex gloves. However, players also use sausage finger gloves which provide more protection but with less freedom for finger movement. Choosing gloves depends on the personal preferences of an individual. But keep in mind that these protective gears are an important part of a cricket kit, so it is advisable to invest a good sum of money to get the best gears.


A cricket kit without a bat—is not possible! But is bat all about the material?

Absolutely NOT! When you buy a cricket bat, you need to consider all key aspects such as weight, height, type, blade design, etc. But a batsman needs to understand his playing style and preferences properly before making a purchase decision. It is always advisable to go for a  customised cricket bat so that you can decide to choose the size, weight, shape, profile and handle type of a cricket bat accordingly.

A higher grade English Willow bat is always better when it comes to stroke playing and durability. 

Summing Up!

Investing in a quality cricket kit is essential to enhance your performance and helps build your confidence. You can shop cricket equipment online from our website. You can stay relieved when you buy from us, as quality is all we stand for. Boost your game with our cricket equipment!